Sunday, February 24, 2013

Feelin' Groovy

Slow down, you move too fast.
You got to make the morning last.
Just kicking down the cobble stones.
Looking for fun and feelin' groovy.

(Simon & Garfunkel: 
The 59th Street Bridge Song)

I made a resolution to not buy any more old junk
for our daughters, but when one of them asked me
to look for a particular item, I considered it
a challenge I couldn't pass up!

Google Images

 Our daughter Julie is looking for retro art for their daughter's nursery.
 The paintings above are works by the artist Maio (Margaret Toti Thomis Maio).
 She painted numerous "big eye" pieces popular in the 1960's, which we baby boomers
 remember oh so well.  She even designed a series of paint-by-number kits
so budding young artists could create their own masterpieces.

The Mod Squad
Another example of Big Eye art circa 1965.
Artist unknown.

Since we're talking about "big eyes" of the 1960's,
 I had to include a photo of the most famous big-eyed model of the era.
These photos still look trendy almost 50 years later!!!

Cool Accessories
I am going to miss telephones!

iPhones cannot compete with the retro charm
of this old blue desktop model of mine.

I've got plans of my own for the phone,
 but it fit in so well with the 60's theme. 

Do you remember when shopping baskets looked like this?

I bought this basket a few years ago, and it's been patiently waiting for a purpose.
Diapers?  Stuffed animals?  Storybooks?

Flower power!
The vintage sheets were just a few dollars each at the thrift store. 

Since I was shopping for Maggie's nursery,
 the retro top spun the right vibe
ringing up at only $2.00!

 A sweet little bluebird.

This portrait by Maio is entitled
No. 635 Serenade in Blue.
It was hanging up near the ceiling at a local antique shop with no price tag.
  The surrounding pictures were priced anywhere from $60 on up, so I was
pleasantly surprised when the dealer was asking only $15.  It's in perfect
condition and still in the original frame.  It won't put Maggie through
college if she sells it, but it will add a pop of color to her walls.

 I took these photos in the same corner that's home to my toy barn.
 The barn is back in place, but I can now see how easily the white painted room
 can be changed from a farmhouse bedroom to a retro-modern room
in just the blink of an eye!

Be sure to keep your big eyes open for
far out treasures hiding in plain sight! 

Badada  da da   da da......feelin' groovy!

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  1. Thats right Vickie, teach the grand daughter young! She's got to appreciate the character in vintage pieces, prints, fabrics! Quality and character that isn't around in todays big box stores!

    PS LOVE the blue phone!

  2. Vickie, I must have been groovy at some time in my life because I remember the big eyed art, Twiggy, colored desk phones and metal tops. Not feelin' too groovy anymore, too old for the mini-skirts.

  3. such beautiful unique touches for a nursery! That painting was a super deal, the frame alone was worth more, who knows what the painting is worth, its in beautiful colors for sure, I love the blue phone too, thats really pretty,

  4. That all sounds vaguely familiar! Who am I kidding? Cute post.


  5. Oh my gosh girl - would you believe I had that song in my head all day yesterday?!! Our singing group sang it when I was in grade school and yesterday when I was feeling too insanely busy, that song popped into my head.

    I love those old phones and I remember our phone have something like a 15 foot cord that my sister and I would stretch all the way up our stairs so we could talk to our friends in privacy. Your blue phone is a beauty!

  6. Hi Vicki,
    OMG!!!!! I remember the big eye art too!!!! Yikes!!! How can you not love that retro works of art. I love your blue phone. I had a pink one like that when I was single and had my first apartment!!! Oh how I wish I kept that princess phone. Peace Out Girlfriend!!!!!

  7. I used to think I was Twiggy when I was blonde and skinny. I am still (sorta) blonde. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog when my crazy friends hijacked it!

  8. Hehehehe. Silly, mum. LOVE all the groovy finds for Maggie's room!!!! Ooooh. Can't wait to start hanging things on the wall. Thank you!!!!

    Maybe then I will be ready to move her in there.....or maybe not. ;)

  9. How fun to treasure hunt for a little girl's room!
    I have a love for old phones, too. I've not been lucky enough to come across a blue one!
    Thanks so much for commenting on my guest post at Kirby's.
    But you aren't getting that pickle. No ma'am.

  10. I think it is so cool that your daughter wants to do a 60's vib in the nursery! Love those big eye prints and oh yes I remember them well. Love the turquoise!
    FeelingGroovy myself!

  11. Oh yay, yay, yay. I remember the sometimes sad and mournful big eyed pictures from the 60's. The phone, picture, and shopping bag make a lovely vignette. I nearly bought a retro phone this weekend but got a "Hotel" sign instead. I am looking for a pink phone still. xo, olive

  12. Talk about your trip down memory lane and how fun to have an official directive to shop vintage!! Great price on that fab pic -- the frame is too cool -- and I love the phone, of course. What a great spot for your vignette too... out with the big-eyed cows and in with the 60's prints.

    I'm a little worried about that middle child in the Mod Squad pic. She looks like trouble.

  13. I bad want to get my hands on some really great portraits for the new house, and this one is just fantastic! Great inspiration. :)

  14. I just have to know, so I'm going to google after this comment; how do you suppose Twiggy looks these days?


  15. Oh! that top spun is lovely, and the retro telephone fantastic!
    Your daughter and your grandbaby will be so happy, you did a great job! Mmmmm, buying vintage pretty things can be called job?? LOL!
    I'm learning a lot with blogs, today I have googled "groovy".

  16. Oh I remember that song!I think I am having a flash back.I do remember these portraits.I may have had those in our home or a relatives.What a cool bedroom your Grandaughter will have!
    LOVE that vintage toy and basket too!
    And of course that phone is way cool!Great score on those vintage sheets!

  17. The sheets are too cool, and such sweet colors, as is that top. You mean you found the blue phone too? What a score. That song brings back lots of memories of the groovy days.

  18. You really scored some great items, Vickie. The colors are so pretty.

  19. I saw that painting and time travel back right to the 60's. Great finds, perfect colors! I remember how radical Tiggy's look was for the 60's, her short hair and skinny look, still love her eyes. Thanks for the blast from the past, Laura

  20. Hi Vickie, What a great retro post. I remember that great song and now I will have it in my head the rest of the evening. LOL
    Love your great finds. I do love the big eyed art and the phone is way cool. I loved those phones and the great colors. It will be missed and the traditional rings. I have my cell set on the old time ring sound from childhood and our kitchen phone. It's so fun to hear it ring.
    Wonderful post and thanks for the retro inspiration.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  21. Oh those were the days when we were feelin groovy. Loved that song! You found so many fun things for Maggie. Your turquoise phone is FABULOUS! I would snag that baby up in a hurry. The little top is so cute. I have 4 vintage ones, but none retro like that. Ever so sweet!

  22. Lovely finds! The big eye fad of the 60's really got me smitten, love the portraits and the fabrics makes me long for Spring. Got my eye on your next posts.

  23. oh, i had a pair of those big eyed girls in pink:) the basket and fabrics are so sweet, vickie--and your phone is just...groovy:)

  24. I had forgotten all about the big eyed art from the era - what a blast from the past! Loving the blue phone - I have a pink one that plugs into my cell phone to reduce radiation and increases cuteness. Hope you can stop by the enchanted oven to say hi.

  25. I remember the big eyed art work. The turquoise vignette is absolutely great. I have an old phone too, just to remember how to use the dial. The kids think its funny. Love the vintage sheets too.

  26. Those big eye prints are sure making a huge comeback. My partner at the flea market Sunday had a big eye cat by the same artist and everyone wanted to buy it, but her price was a little too high at $25, but I can see they are going to become pricier because of the popularity. I love your aqua phone. I'm not sure I have seen a regular phone in that color other than a princess phone. The nursery will be darling.

  27. Oh my goodness Vicki, these Big Eye portraits bring back loads of childhood memories. We had three little ones in our bathroom growing up of three little girls. We are three sisters so we use to say they were us. I don't know what ever happened to the ones we had but I thought it would be great to find them and give them to my sisters as gifts. So far I've only found one. I am in no hurry though because searching is half the fun :-) I bet your daughter's nursery is going to be totally groovy :-)


  28. What a fun search...the nursery will be wonderful! Brings back happy times...I rocked that Twiggy cut back in ninth grade lol!

  29. Oh goodness...paint by number was SUCH a favorite thing to do when I was young! I think I actually did one of those big eyed kids! What a mind blowing trip that was! Truly groovy!

  30. Hi there; visiting from your link on Brenda's blog. I really loved this post with your vintage finds. Just gorgeous! Love the painting of the girl with the wide eyes.

  31. Loooooove your turquoise phone Vickie and the kitchy art is pretty cool too.

    xo Danielle

  32. Great post. Love all your finds for that sweet little corner. The aqua phone is terrific. At least they didn't break and have to be replaced every couple of years!
    Mary Alice

  33. Thanks for the oh so retro trip down memorie lane ... haven't seen a picture of Twiggy since her days of fame ... now I am going to google her and see what she looks like now!

  34. Great finds...just love the color (and the blue bird is so cute)!
    Oh, and thanks for the song that will be stuck in my head!!

  35. I love retro art....there's just something about it...and speaking of retro...your teal telephone is awesome! I have one in cream....still works and also looks great on my desk! It's the phone I grew up with in my bedroom.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Ciao bella.
    Creative Carmelina

  36. Adorable ... on every level. I would be making the switch right this minute. Great Finds Vickie!!! Has me feeling pretty groovy! xo geneva

  37. Pretty blue tone. The telephone is charming. Nowadays we can not find the phone things like that.

  38. I really enjoyed this retro post! It's very groovy and I love it! I actually got to see Simon and Garfunkel in the 80s on their reunion tour in San Francsico!! My mom bought tickets for me :) Love them :)

  39. Oh it is all so groovy!! I so adored Twiggy! I remember having the big eyed pictures that were by Keene.....I think that is who it was. You said you were from Northern Minnesota, I grew up in Minneapolis, actually Ham Lake is the last place I lived. I'm in Orlando now, a little warmer!


  40. Oh, the memories!

    I never had a cute colorful phone when I was growing up. In the late 70s my husband bought me a reconditioned pay phone that actually worked and people thought they needed to put in a dime to use it. My students don't even know what a pay phone is.

    Oh, how much fun to help decorate a nursery, but first I need a grandbaby. And before that one of the kids needs to get married.

    All in good time.

  41. I remember those big eye portraits. I think my best friend collects them, but they are by another artist. I love, love old phones and I miss the heft of them. They were more solid than the phones of today. And that color is gorgeous! (My dad worked for Michigan Bell Telephone all of his life, so I have a particular fondness for phones of yesteryear.)


  42. Hi Vicky:

    Great finds! I love the spinning top and the blue phone....

  43. I looove the painting and the phone... and the top. haha. But that painting really is gorgeous!

  44. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane, Vicky. Your photos take me back to my junior high school days. I can remember when turqoise refrigerators, stoves and bathroom fixtures were quite the rage. My Mom had lots of yellow and Mom's good friend had pink in their kitchens.
    Thanks for sharing, my friend.

  45. Oh, so many memories, you brought me back to my childhood, there are still two big Maio paintings on my Mom's house!


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