Friday, February 15, 2013

One Step at a Time

It's been exactly 2 years, 3 weeks, and 4 days since 
I made the fateful decision to tear apart the bedroom formerly
known as the Sweet Sixteen room.

I've finally got one corner of the room finished!

It may not look like much
 until you see where it all began.

This is how the room looked
 when we moved into our house 8 1/2 years ago.
You can see the rest of the loveliness here.

We installed plantation shutters, but everything else came out. 
 Wallpaper.  Gone.  The cracked plaster walls were not unexpected,
 since just about every wall and ceiling in the house was in the same
miserable condition as documented here.  We pulled out the carpeting
 and have since had all the floors upstairs refinished.
 The dated lace valances?  Out the window!

We've repaired the walls and ceiling (the BIG hold-up) and everything got a coat, 
well actually four coats of fresh white paint.  You know, the 
Yeah, that's the stuff.

I simply painted the dresser with the same creamy white
latex semi-gloss paint used on the wood trim in the room.

There was plenty of texture under the paint from many coats of shellac,
so I rubbed on a light coat of Johnson Paste Wax mixed with burnt umber oil paint
 to add a slightly aged look to the dresser and highlight the details.
(Instructions can be found here.)

The lamp and old tin are pieces I've picked
up for the room over the past 2 years.

I bought 2 old farm prints for the room, 
and I think this one will remain in its current position.
If not, something's got to be hung in its place to cover
the 3 new holes in the wall if I decide to moove it elsewhere!

Since our grandchildren will sleep in this room, it seemed like
the perfect place to park this old barn.  I added wood knobs
so little hands can easily open the doors.

I brought this chippy stool into the room so the
short people can reach the barn.

What's inside the barn?

The farm animals are quite captivated with the 
couple dancing before them.

Left, two, three.  Right, two, three.

They're concentrating so hard on the steps they've learned!

As in many older homes, the room lists slightly to the left,
so I had to level out the dresser to keep them from
dancing out of my viewfinder.

Just like the happy? couple dancing in the barn,
I'm slowly finishing this room....

One step at a time.

 Coming soon (I hope), corner number two.

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  1. I love the chest Vickie. Some pieces just come to life with paint. I love white furniture pieces. The room is going to be fantastic. I love old houses but not necessarily the work that comes with them.

  2. That's one heck of a corner though. Now, assuming you have four corners to the room (or it would be a weird shape) you should have the room finished in another 6 years, 9 weeks and 12 days. Somewhere around Easter 2019, if my math is correct.

  3. HI Vickie! Oh, how pretty your piece turned out! That's a lovely little spot!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  4. The room is looking great so far! I adore that barn and the cow prints! This may sound nuts...but from the photos, the old stripped plaster walls look amazing too! I can hardly wait to see the rest of the room!

  5. I think its all worth the effort, such satisfaction upon completion, looks beautiful,

  6. Well hello perfect little corner. I must say your cow painting is just lovely there. And I love the colorful items on top of the dresser. :)

  7. We must be kindred spirits, I love cows and barns, too! Your room is coming together nicely, Jean

  8. I am impressed with what you have done! Love the chest and the cute couple dancing the night away! Hugs, Linda

  9. Happy Country Whites Weekend! Thank you kindly for embracing your country whites and sharing your corner at the party.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  10. You're doing great, Vickie! That little corner looks so fresh and full of charm. Those older dressers always look so good when they're painted, showing up their wonderful details and curves.
    I thought it was just us who somehow could never do with just one coat of paint, even though it's advertised that way. Maybe it's for people who like the layered paint look on their walls. :-)
    Mary Alice

  11. Sweet Sixteen goes to the Hoedown! Love it... the cow print is moohvelous and I love the barn on the dresser. It's been so much hard work... one corner is definitely a victory! The floors look great too and those baseboards - yum! The tin is on my list of things I'll be trying to pilfer when I come to visit. :D

    It looks like Mrs. Farmer is giving the Mr. the stink eye. Perhaps he danced her right into a little something left by the animals in the barn. :)

    Looking forward to corner #2!

  12. Oh the fun of plaster walls. It took us months to paint the hall here at the old house which is 150 plus years old and then the painted peeled. I gave up. The house wins. No more work on this house-it is the man cave and no photos either. Your corner is lovely. The barn and barn people could not be cuter.

  13. LOVE what you've done, Vickie...and look forward to reading more of the saga of the bedroom!

  14. The floors look awesome! And love the barn. Mack, Finley, Maggie, and BabyZ#2 will love playing and sleeping over at Gramma and Grampa's. :)

  15. Vickie,
    your little corner is very mooooving and inspiring to those of us who are on the procrastinaters team! Sometimes it takes time to get things just right and what's been done so far is adorable! The chest looks great and the barn is the perfect thing to keep little hands busy. Can't wait to see the rest in a year or two!

  16. Hi Vickie, What a wonderful transformation. Love it and love the darling barn.
    What a perfect corner!
    Happy Decorating. Hugs, Celestina Marie

  17. He must be stepping on her toes...that girl is in a MOOD!
    I adore your tin w/the polka dots. The whole thing is mooo-velous.

  18. I love the corner you have transformed so far! I think you should just keep going your on a roll! Have a Wonderful Weekend, Diane

  19. That little corner looks so fresh and country now. I like the dresser painted white and love the cow picture you found! I can just imagine how much work you had to do in that room. I never knew plaster walls could be such a challenge.

  20. Hi Vickie! That first photo did not look like "you" at all! *smile* That corner is so fresh looking now. I love that your room lists. I have a hallway that does that. I like a home with character!

  21. So even if your a good girl and I send you to the corner, you'll know what I mean.


  22. I find myself thinking like Do You Love Him Loretta - that plaster is very interesting...

    Perhaps Mrs. Farmer did not appreciate her Valentine from Mr. Farmer...?

    Seriously, gorgeous corner! Perhaps I should mind my own makeover...


  23. Well look at that beautiful corner.....Saweeet! Love that cute little barn and print too!That room has come a looooong way baby!

  24. Awwwww Vickie I love your little corner can't wait to see more. That dresser came out really nice and I love the vintage farm decor. I love the print of the cows too. What is it about cows??!!!! Love them. Very sweet and pretty. Have a great week end.

  25. And what a lovely corner it is! The dresser is a lovely piece and I have a 'thing' for barns and cows so I'm loving the vignette.

  26. Very nice corner indeed! Love the print looks great with the barn. Our previous home had the old plaster walls. some of them bowed so that we could not hang a picture straight. I remember them well.

  27. Such a change in the looks of the dresser! It's amazing what a little paint can do, isn't it? Love that barn, too.
    Thanks so joining our Country Whites Weekend and inspiring others!
    Blessings from the Farmhouse,

  28. What you have done so far looks just amazing! You did a fantastic job on the dresser! What a sweet barn. I love the people inside :)

  29. You've done a miraculous job! I adore that dresser.

  30. The changes are dramatic and beautiful! Those grandkids are gonna never want to leave.

  31. Looks like your grandchildren will really enjoy playing with that cute, little old must be glad to have the room re-freshened for them to enjoy. Thanks for stopping by!

  32. I want to play with that barn. The corner is fabulous. Love how you repainted everything a fresh white. Your little extras show up so well in there. Can't wait to see more! Great start.

  33. I love the colors of that little corner. I like the dresser much better in white.

    We have been in our house 15 years and have yet to refinish the wood floors. We did remove the Berber carpeting - yuck- even in the bathroom! At this point, we don't want to put our 14 year old dog through the stress of the refinishing so we are waiting until she is gone.

  34. Very pretty! Looks so cozy and inviting!

  35. I LOVE this corner! Can't wait to see more :)

  36. Wow, what a difference. The white looks so clean and fresh. No wonder that little couple in the barn are dancing.

  37. Vicki,
    I love this little corner. It has a bit of a primitive style. I love aqua so the tin made me drool. The contents of the barn is too cute! I would love if you linked ot my Share Your Cup Thursday party some time!

  38. Vickie:

    What a wonderful looking corner! I love how you painted the dresser along with the textured knobs! Barn so cute!

    Hope you are enjoying your week!

  39. I love the cow picture. My kitchen is a combination of cows/Italian style kitchen. Doesn't matter how I try to make my kitchen have not cows I always seem to go back to them! I've been wanting a picture with cows in it. Hopefully I can find one at a thrift store that I like. I also like what you have done so far on your room! Can't wait to see the finished results.

  40. So far I am loving it! Cannot wait to see more. I know it's been a lot of work, but I'm sure the end results will be all worth it.


  41. Oh my, what a change. I love the new farm fresh look!


  42. Your corner is lovely now. You did a great job with the dresser and it looks fantastic! You have inspired me to paint one I have in my bedroom.
    The farm is so sweet! Your grandchildren will enjoy this room a lot.
    Waiting for the other three corners!

  43. Such a sweet corner with so many cute things. Your grandkids are going to love that barn! I think my favorite thing is the tin with the polk-a-dots ~ too cute!!

  44. Every now and then to have a change is a good idea and challenging. The farm picture with cows is pretty.

  45. Hi Vickie!
    Your Pink to White was a hit with everyone at Country Whites Weekend! You're being featured tomorrow!
    Congratulations. . .

  46. Hi Vickie!
    I love the farmhouse touch you've given this room. Oh...How can I forget the "dusty rose days". You've added such a fresh, clean look and oh, that darling red barn. Your swooning couple is cute as can be.
    Thanks for sharing this charming touch of sweetness.
    Carolynn xo

  47. Many years ago I was fortunate to meet a woman who has been a lifelong friend, mentor, and as crazy about vintage decor as am I. She told me something I've never forgotten: decorating is about moments that develop through the things you love. Your corner moment is beautiful. -- Jan

  48. Looks like you are making wonderful progress in your room! Some projects just take a while to get moving and come together. I laughed when I saw the little man and woman figures, they look like a couple that have been stuck together too long and are not very happy with each other. Thanks so much for stopping by, have a wonderful weekend, Laura

  49. Vicky, I love your barn and am so glad you showed us what was inside. The whole vignette is just perfect and warmed my heart. I am your newest follower:)

  50. hi Vicky, LOVE the barn, LOVE the cow picture, LOVE the blue and white tin, LOVE the lamp and the shade, LOVE the white painted walls and dresser, LOVE the floors....can't wait to see the next corner!!!

  51. It all looks very nice. I'm in love with the cow picture too! I'm so going to look for one on ebay! On to the next corner!

  52. Things are coming together nicely. Love the shutters and that barn is adorable, I'm still looking for one for my grandson per your inspiration.

  53. I don't know , but sometimes it seams like there is nothing that a coat of white paint can't fix . Or maybe 4 coats .

  54. totally missed this post:( your little dresser is a charmer with the cute barn. i am going to try your wax and oil finish on a project i'm working on--tfs, vickie:)

  55. I LOVE this Vickie ... I can't believe I missed it the last time I was here. Your grand kids are going to feel so special in that space ... made just for them. You're the best!

  56. What a charming corner - I love it!

  57. oh i love it, what a difference! the barn is adorable, I have two vintage play barns...i am thinking of moving a large one off the wall so my daughter can play with it. yeah, that paint and primer does not work, just like shampoo/conditioner in one does not work either!! such a scam! ;)


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