Saturday, October 12, 2013

A day late and a dollar short.

Thursday was one of my days off this week,
and as I was reading the morning newspaper, I noticed that
there was an estate sale a few blocks away that looked interesting.....
and started 2 hours ago!!!

So, I quickly grabbed a sweatshirt and practically ran down
the street only to find no signs on the property and not even
a car in sight.  Hmmmmm.  I must have read the address wrong.

As I was walking home it occurred to me that it was Thursday
and the sale wasn't taking place until Friday.  Silly me.
As luck would have it, I had to work out of town on Friday and I'd miss
the first day of the sale.  Darn!  I hate when that happens.

This morning I was loafing around and I had no intentions of going to the sale.
It was almost noon and really, what could possibly be left after the first day?

How about this?!
It was used in the basement by the man of the house as a tool chest.
Yes, you read that right.  A tool chest. 

There was a wall cupboard piled on top of it and you could
barely see it underneath cans of nails and whatnot, but my eyes
zeroed in on the applique detail and original pulls.

It was marked $30, but Saturday is half price day,
 so yours truly picked it up for only $15!
Well, I didn't actually pick it up.  I left that to the man in this house 
and another helper at the sale.  After all, I got my flu shot
 in my right arm yesterday and the thing weighs a ton.  hehe

The rest of the haul.

This chair has the same applique detail as the dresser,
and I had to fork over $3 for this beauty.

One can never have too many medicine cabinets!

Somebody started stripping the paint off, which is a shame.
Look at the pretty green paint on the side that wasn't touched.

Green seems to be the theme of today's purchases.
This wicker hamper with a wood top is in perfect condition,
and was one of the pricier items I bought.  I paid $8.

The bedrooms were filled with Christmas stuff, but mostly
new junk, with the exception of this mica covered church for $1.
I'm not even going to think about what was in those rooms yesterday.

I have the perfect spot for this objet d'art.
Picture if you will, glossy red painted tops with white polka dots.  Sweet!

That beadboard door (hinges on back side) leaning against our garage? 
$3!!!  I almost forgot to go in the garage where I found the door and the medicine cabinet.
And the cute yellow chair on the right set me back $2.50.

So, whoever came up with the phrase, "A Day Late and a Dollar Short"
was so, so wrong!

Was that me who finally cleared out our garage and vowed
not to fill it up with any more old junk?

Just one small step away from the grand opening of
The Stinky Sister.

Thanks for viewing my junk!
Stinky Vickie

*I'm joining the party at:
Funky Junk Interiors Party Junk


  1. OH MY...those goodies must have been waiting for you...that's one of the best hauls ever, Vickie!!

  2. Just goes to show you there are goodies to find late in the day or even the second day. Good for you Vickie! Love the color of that dresser.

    xo Danielle

  3. WOW! I love everything you picked up- not literally since your arm is sore from the shot. I would take any one of those pieces off your hands gladly. I know you have been working a lot so you definitely deserve such a great score.

    Have fun with all your new pieces.

  4. You did GREAT, Vicki!!!!! Love the sweet little chest of drawers and the chair to match.
    Mary Alice

  5. Oh, my! You have a good eye. Imagine how many people walked right past that dresser! Silly, silly people!

  6. I am so envious!! WOW! I have found some amazing leftovers on the afternoon of the last day of some estate sales - I always think to myself that it will be a waste of time, & that is when I score the biggest - but these finds are breathtaking! Mary

  7. Wow. I've been looking for a dresser I can afford for TWO years. Great haul!

  8. What a great haul. I can't believe all that stuff was still there on the second day. You were one lucky duck today. Enjoy your stash.

  9. You did have a good day! Love everything you got. That dresser and matching chair are just beautiful!! Great finds.


  10. Wow Vickie,
    That dresser for $15 is a great deal. You got some good stuff. Sometimes being last is a good thing!

  11. Looks like we did have similar days! I have been looking for a dresser like that one myself. I also, just last week...hauled 3 truckloads of junk from my basement to goodwill...vowing to not bring anything else home!! It's a sickness I tell you ...a sickness...and a lot of us have it! LOL! Looking forward to see what you do with it all!

  12. Wow, what a great haul, I'd happily have all of those pieces too. I need to encourage people to have estate sales over here !

  13. Vickie! Score, score, score, score!
    I'm madly in love with that dresser.
    It was definitely your lucky day...I can just see you tearing down the street in your sweatshirt only to find it wasn't happening yet. A total look of woe on your face. Glad it ended up like it did. :)

  14. Ok...seriously?!! My jaw kept dropping farther and farther as I saw more of your fabulous finds (and crazy low prices!) Unbelievably great score!! I'm more than a wee bit jealous :)

  15. oh, what fabulous finds, vickie!! and the prices--wonderful! love the pretty dresser and medicine cabinet, esp! have a great week!

  16. Hi Vicki, What a great find of treasures and fabulous prices. I can just imagine what you are going to do with these goodies. Oh I can so see the mushroom stools painted red with white dots.
    Happy Creating~

  17. Nice finds, especially love the dresser. Hope you are enjoying the fall season!

  18. That dresser is gorgeous! Love that you found a matching chair!

  19. What a great haul! I love the dresser and the medicine cabinet.
    You were so fortunate.

  20. Hello Vickie! Another jealous here! I love ALL your finds.
    That chest of drawers is lovely...the color is great and the details too, the chairs...the medicine cabinet...
    Lucky you! Enjoy these treasures!
    PS: those estate sales and garage sales I see are so common there are not much used here :(

  21. Great finds and great prices! Who says the early bird gets the worm?! The Stinky Sister?! What did I miss?!

  22. Great finds!!!! I am excited for Buffalo. It has been a long time for this gal. Especially love the hamper!

  23. You got some good stuff there. My fav is probably the cabinet, cuz I know you are gonna make it look great.

  24. The early bird gets the night crawer but look what you scored!! Good thing you weren't there on the first day or you'd be parking in the driveway all winter. Looking forward to seeing the magic you work with your treasures. You've gotta love those great deals!! :)

  25. Wow! Only $15 for that amazing dresser?! What a steal. Heck, the full price of $30 was even a steal. I know you are thanking yourself for going afterall now.

  26. Oh, my goodness! Those prices were amazing, even at full price! You got some great pieces that look wonderful as-is. YAY!

  27. The aqua chest is amazing. I hope you can keep some of that color. You did good:}

  28. A day late and dollars saved...great scores!!

  29. Vickie,
    what great stuff you got! Love the cabinet and the door, everything! Even going late, you never know what you'll find! What's the stinky sister?

  30. Wow! you really scored big time at the sale! love all your new treasures, but my fave is the wood mushrooms!! so adorable and will be even more so when painted. yes...what is the Stinky Sister????

  31. What a haul! I love that $15 dresser. Amazing!

  32. It looks like you have your work cut out for you. I see painters tape on the medicine chest already. I can't wait to see your haul after you transform it!

  33. what fun and great finds. sometimes it all works out! joan@anythinggoeshere

  34. WOW! You did great! And that dresser is perfect just as it is! That color is wonderful! Looks so close to the new shade of Mustard Seed Milk Paint called Eulalie's Sky! It's one of my very favorite colors! The chair and that shutter or door is also wonderful! great score!

  35. Awesome finds Vickie! Love all your treasures. Oh, and when I was in college I learned in my Philosophy class that if a space is destined to be full, it will always be full...garages, closets and junk drawers especially :-) So no matter how hard you try to clear them up they will always be full...How I wish that would apply to my wallet...Hee, hee, hee.


  36. Those are some great finds and great prices too. I'm down to four pieces of furniture in our garage but have plans to paint them over the slower winter months.

  37. Somehow your blog was not coming up in my blog roll.So I am just catching up....and boy holy moly! Shut the front door ....what a score! Love all of your treasures.That dresser is gorgeous the color...perfection!That door....sigh and that you sure got lucky!Don't you love when you happen upon a sale like that!

  38. Great purchases Vicki! I love the medicine cabinet. I have a collection of those but I haven't found a good one lately.

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