Sunday, November 3, 2013

To paint or not to paint, THAT is the question.

First of all, I want to extend a great big thank you to all the 
weirdos who commented on my previous post.  At least now I don't
feel like I made a complete a_ _  out of myself.  hehe

 If I could rename my blog today, I think
The Procrastination Station would definitely be in the running,
 and you'll see why when you view the photos below.

Get ready for color overload!

Here's the room I've shown you snippets of over
the past 3 years.  Our very colorful living room.

We inherited the wall color, and that was okay at first because it's pretty close to the color
 we had on the living room walls in our previous house.  I don't dislike it, but after 9 years of 
looking at it here and another 4 years at our old house, I'm more than ready for a change.

The upholstered furniture is old.  Not vintage, but old. 
 23 years old and starting to show its age.
Most of the furniture was purchased for our previous
 old house and I've tried to make it fit here. 

 If our house was a ship, I'm afraid it would sink. 
 All the heavy cargo is on the starboard side.  

I took the photos on a bright sunny day because that's the only time I actually like the room.
  It's a dreary place to be when the sky is overcast and during our long dark winters.
 The armoire is too big for the corner and blocks light from the piano window. 
 I bought the unfinished pine piece 30 years ago, and I've painted it several times over the years.
It needs to go, but for now it serves the purpose of hiding my big old TV and stereo.

It looks like a grandma lives here.
Oh, no!  I'm the grandma who lives here!
I've even got my basket of yarn in the photo below.

I really do not like this side of the room.  The ceilings are high, but they appear to be low
 because of the dark crown molding.  The baseboard trim was painted by one of the previous owners,
currently serving a life sentence for the crime.      :o)

The love seat is like new because nobody ever sits here!
The folding screen was inherited from Bill's grandparents.

The awkward arrangement on this side of the room will remain as is until the piano is adopted. 
  Both of our girls took lessons for years, but the only pianists interested these days
 are Finley and Mack.  Maybe I'll wrap it up for one of them for Christmas!

7 inch crown molding with original 1921 finish.

This is one of the things that's been holding me back.  Anybody who owns an older home has
probably wrestled with the decision of whether or not to paint the original wood trim.

I invited the builder's daughter-in-law (in her 80's now) over for lunch shortly after we
moved in.  She and her husband were given the house with the stipulation that
nothing could be changed as long as the parents were alive!  It seems the 
senior Mrs.W didn't approve of her daughter-in-law.  Well, the day the
old bat kicked the bucket, junior Mrs.W hired a contractor to build her
a kitchen!  She had been saving pages from Better Homes & Gardens for 
years while she waited for........well, you get the picture.

My theory is that the senior Mrs.W would have been a much more
pleasant person if she had simply brightened up her dark, dreary home with a little white paint.

The cracked plaster walls throughout the house were another roadblock to sprucing up
 the main floor rooms.  We've repaired the foyer, stairwell, upstairs hallway,
 and guest bedroom walls and ceiling. It's a time consuming, messy job and I've made the decision
 to live with the imperfections in the living and dining room.  So, last winter I finally bit the bullet
 and painted the walls and trim in the dining room and I've
recently started painting the living room. 

I've got one wall done.

Stay tuned.  More to come........eventually.

Thanks for stopping by to see my baby steps towards an updated room!
Grandma Vickie

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  1. The last photo doesn't work for me! Boo.

  2. Well, you know that I love the red, yellow and blue in the room.

    I agree about the molding making the room look shorter.

    I hesitated painting all the wood we had at our former home and I know now that if we still lived there, it would be a beautiful creamy white.

    Go for it - the old bat is long gone.

  3. of course we all love the room, its beautiful, your style shines through but we all need change and it sounds to me you are ready, through caution to the wind and go for it! Life's to short to be unhappy in our surroundings, besides you can always turn it back if you don't like what you've done, I will admit painting the woodwork would traumatize my husband, it is beautiful, we had trim like that in our old house, its beautiful but if you want to change the look of your room its very hard to leave it, it really does set the tone, your room is beautiful,

  4. I am going back to white walls slowly here. I like the more neutral background. I do love red and blue. And blue and white plates for sure!

  5. I think the room is very pretty but if you paint the crown and the fireplace it would have a whole new feel. Can't wait to see what you decide to do.

  6. Vickie,
    Ok you go girl!!!! I know it will be fabulous. Procrastination Station!!! You crack me up. You know me and white and painting everything in site but I too would be hesitant to paint the crown too. It is so beautiful. That is a hard one even for Miss paint everything in site here!!! Good luck with the painting it is going to be so bright and pretty.

  7. I say go for it. AND YES PAINT the molding. I did mine on an old house and IT turned out awesome and I never looked back .. YOU will love it .

  8. I LOVE that wall! The gallery style arrangement is awesome. :) Oooooh....can't wait to see it all done!!!!!

    And that piano is definitely for Finley. ;) Can you imagine that thing in our house? Hahahaha. Mack is gonna play guitar. ;) hehe.

  9. Hi Vickie, I think the furniture is really quite cozy and homey, and with the walls/trim painted out in a bright white (maybe the wicker table too?), the rest will really look fresher. I like that you replaced the plates around the picture over the sofa with more pictures, for a collage look. Check out the UK magazines and the Cath Kidston website, they use your colours all the time, and it looks great! I can hardly wait to see more :)

  10. Well maybe your living room is a reflection of your fun personality. Very colorful! LOL! I laughed when you said it looks like grandma lives here and you even have your basket of yarn next to the chair. I agree with you that the lighter wall color will update the room and make it brighter. I know what you mean about dark dreary days making your house look bad. I have had those too. My kitchen cooking area gets dark because there are no windows in that section. I depend on the windows in the dining room and eating area to help light that area. It helps that I have white cabinets though. So, that's a good idea to lighten up in your space. I think if the trim around the windows was white, it would make your windows look larger too.

  11. Heehee...funny post, I mean what else can you do but laugh. I know you don't like it but I also know you will make it your own....soon. It truly is tough to decide what to do with an older original house. I have one and unfortunately someone else made the decision to paint all the trim. Of course if it wasn't painted I would probably be in your shoes. However, a home is your castle...make it whatever you want. I'll be back soon to see your progress!

  12. P S Love the new wall....really lifts the ceiling! Perfect.

  13. I can't believe you got all that painting done AND a post!! It is looking fabulous... I love it. I hope all this new paint doesn't stir up ole Mrs. W and get her ghost all in a tizzy. Still loving that gallery arrangement and your granny basket by the chair. You'll need a few days at work to recover from all this productivity. Well done. :)

  14. The lighter painted wall already makes the room look bright!!
    Mary Alice

  15. wow!!!! huge difference, I LOVE that lighter paint and woodwork!!!

  16. i do think you will love the room when it's finished--lighter and brighter makes my heart happy:) can't wait to see the changes, vickie!!

  17. Hi Vickie, Well you sure have a wonderful room with great bones. I say paint the molding. We painted our dark dentil molding last year and love it. What a difference in the room. Love the wall you started. Light and brighter! Go for it. Love the piano by the way. Paint that too while you're at it. It would be terrific in the room!!
    Have fun!

  18. I love a white crown molding, so crisp and clean looking.

  19. I love painted molding also! Am looking forward to your renovation!


  20. Can't wait to see what you do with this living room...and as far as your previous post, I haven't read it. Sounds amusing just from what you said...going to check it out now!

  21. I had to laugh when I read your comment about the basket of yarn. I love the lighter color of your room! I can't wait to see everything when you're done :)

  22. Bliss cracks me up...I am always looking around thinking Grandma lives here...and I guess I do! I love the lighter paint...I sense a Scandinavian style coming through...

  23. Warm cozy home and I love the colors! Oh and I'm a Grandma living in a Grandma's house also! Enjoying the changes along with you!

  24. Just had to note I LOVE the armoire! It's just BEAUTIFUL and sets the tone for the room, it seems to me. Maybe once you paint the walls you will be happier with it? On the other hand, sometimes we are just DONE with something and it's time to let it go. (if you think of letting it go, don't forget me, even though you've never met me and I just got here!) But seriously, I personally think if you just paint the walls you will probably feel much better about the room as a whole-I like the yellow walls but not with the furniture, I think white will set if off much better. I already like the wall you have done so much!

  25. PS-LOVE the red and blue, my favorite color combination!

  26. This is a dilemma I am now facing - whether or not to paint the trim of our 80-year-old house. I love wood and it is everywhere, but I am so tired of not being able to change to the beautiful mocha walls and white trim that is so popular because of 7-1/2" baseboards and every window and door being dark. I have even thought about doing just our bedroom, but it feels like I will be assaulting the house in a way. Still pondering what to do.........

  27. As for me and my house....well, I just love yours and could just step right into those photos. For your possible consideration, the armoire could be flipped to the other side of the room since the starboard overload seems to bother you. Good luck with your future tweaking. For now, the room still looks charming.

  28. You cracked me up with this post. Procrastination Stations, LOL!!!! I personally would paint the crown it will make the room not seem to be cut off, but that is me. I know it is hard but remember this y our home. God forgive me, but you don't have to worry about the Mrs. coming back. I can't wait to see what you decide. Take your time it will come to you!!!


  29. Hi, Vickie!
    First, your room is colorful, and maybe not exactly what you want today, but it's attractive and has "good bones." LOVE the camel back sofa and love seats. I also think the painted woodwork is a license to paint it white! No guilt. :) I really like how it's looking so far, and I think, since your upholstered pieces are in good shape, they're candidates for paint, too! I painted a sofa, with great results using watered down latex paint, sanding in between coats helps keep it somewhat soft. It's not completely soft, but it certainly works for a sofa you won't use for napping! You have some great pieces in here, and I can't wait to see your progress.

  30. Vickie! I enjoyed reading about your big plans a lot! I understand your dilemma with the crown molding, but with that little preview I know it will be a wonderful change, and you are wanting a change in that room, that's the important thing.
    I laughed a lot with the piano topic, just the opossite that happened in my family, I wanted my mother to "donate" hers to my daughters some time ago but I realized that was not exactly her idea...LOL (well, she still plays it often).
    I look forward new posts and new photos.
    Do you paint alone o with some help?

  31. Sounds like one of those projects that will yield LOTS of change, as in, once you start you won't be able to stop! Once you paint those moldings white, you'll be a goner! I just know it's going to be amazing, I can't wait to see your progress.

  32. I wouldn't hesitate to paint the molding and I'm so glad you've taken the plunge. The white really lifts the room and shows off all your gorgeous pieces of furniture, and I love the new arrangement of pictures over the sofa.
    It must feel great to have made a start on the room, but I really don't know where you find the time !
    (my computer is desperately trying to make me write moulding with a 'u', though actually the more common term over here is cornice).

  33. I literally BUST out laughing when you said "OH NO I AM THE GRANDMA THAT LIVES HERE" LOL a fun post.
    I would go ahead and paint the molding, yep do what you like and you will be happy with it :)

  34. Well Grandma, you have a little bit of a gallery wall going there and that is very hip and trendy, so maybe you're getting younger. Have you seen the people who paint their upholstered furniture? Yep, they use chalk paint. Just throwing out options to you!

  35. I love that room! Painting the crown molding is the ONLY thing I would change. It has personality....unlike most popular white on cream on tan on antique white rooms now.

  36. I love you room and I love color too! Our den was like a cave when we moved into our house. Dark wood paneling, dark beams on the ceiling. Did I mention it was dark? Well after 10 years of nagging my hubby to please let's get it painted, he finally gave in and that's the rest of the story! A new room, brighter, larger looking and no longer feel like the ceiling is falling on my head. Now from one granny to another - go to town, darling, you won't regret it! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  37. I love the crown molding painted. I think paint freshens up and modernizes. You have some pretty things going on in there. It takes me forever to commit to something and then get it done. Good luck-I can't wait t see it all finished.

  38. Oh yes, I like the lighter walls. I used to love color but the older I get the more I like neutrals. It think they are a bit more calming.

  39. Cannot wait to see what you do Vickie! You know me and the color white...we are the best of friends :-)

  40. I'm right there with you know! I know you hate to paint the woodwork but white woodwork just looks better. But....with light walls the stained woodwork will look better.

  41. I can see you are already painting the molding and after that step, I bet you will have a clearer vision. That alone will brighten it up!

  42. Whatever you do will be wonderful ... I'm the same way about procrastinating, but projects like yours and some of mine require a lot of thought...Right? :) That's my excuse anyway. Your house is wonderful...I've loved seeing every inch you've shown us!

  43. I think you are doing the exact right thing. Just get started! It's the hardest part. I bet you are going to be so glad you did one day very soon!

  44. i think that looks just perfect...light and bright! you gotta think "Scandinavian" white up there in MN! ;)
    seriously though, the ceilings look much higher now. lots of work, but it will be worth it in the end!

  45. I can't wait to see what you do. I think you will love it with all the walls painted.

  46. I know what you mean, you've got to just cover your eyes and take that first paint swipe on the wood. Then you are committed! It's going to be fun to see how this turns out. Paint Away!!


  47. Vickie,
    I know how you feel, I have a hard time painting wood also but once I do, I love it! Do what you feel is right, if you paint, I'm sure you'll like it. Time for "grandma" to move out and Vickie to get her "groove" back!

  48. Vickie, our cottage is an older house like yours and was loaded with dark woodwork, after much agonizing I had it painted and have never regretted it. So permission to paint!!!! Laura

  49. Vickie I love the look of wood....but you know me and paint so I think you know my answer ;-) .


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