Monday, June 16, 2014

I'm gonna pop some tags.......

Now I'm singing the Thrift Shop Song!

I'm gonna pop some tags,  I only got 20 dollars in my pocket.......

If you gloss over the "f bombs" in the rest of the lyrics, this song is a pretty darn humorous take on
the way we buy junk at the thrift store just because it's cheap!

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis won a total of 4 Grammy Awards this year.
For "Thrift Shop", they won Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance,
but I'm not quite sure if they're musicians or comedians.
It's obvious that at least one of them knows the pitfalls of shopping at the thrift.

About a month ago, our local thrift store moved to a new location where they're no longer
competing for street parking with the Corner Bar. ( Doesn't every small town have a Corner Bar?)
  Even in the early morning hours, the bar patrons hog all the good parking spots
 whilst sipping their morning brew?  Hmmm.  Shame on them.
  All that gluten!!!    burp

 Now that there's convenient parking, I've been popping in (the thrift store, not the bar)
 during my not-so-quick-trips to Walmart and Lowe's.  I'd like to think now that I'm older and wiser,
 I'm a bit more discerning about what I buy these days, but I'll let you be the judge.
 Did I impulsively buy this stuff just because it was cheap?

Here we go.

Two old farmhouse kitchen chairs.

$2.99 each!

These chairs have already been claimed by one of our daughters
 and will not be cluttering up our garage.  Whew!!!
(If you remember, I vowed to quit buying old junk for our girls,
 but for that price I couldn't pass up the chairs!)

Inspiration photo from Pottery Barn Kids.


Better Homes and Gardens.

Not exactly the same chairs, but close enough.
Loving the green chandelier, too.  And the shades.  And the plank walls.
And the art.  And the sailboat.  And the bench.  And the wicker table.

Country Living.
Wouldn't you love all those windows in your dining room?

Two old English transferware plates.

50 cents apiece.

Inspiration photos from Romantic Homes.

 I love this color combination.

Country Living.
What could be more festive at Christmas than red & white plates in a green cupboard?

Simple and elegant at A Country Farmhouse blog.

My beginner collection.

Shop class wall shelf.
99 cents.

Inspiration photo.

Source unknown.  Pinterest.

 I've been searching for one wood element to add to
my gallery wall and this little shelf fits the bill.

Cute and slightly kittywampus.  Fits right in.

Two straw hats.
$4.99 each.
Not so cheap for the thrift store, but they give a lot of bang for the buck.


Audrey, Audrey, Audrey.  Has any woman ever looked more fetching in a stylish hat than Audrey?
Do you look good in hats?  Me?  Not so much.

  Look!  Hats on the wall and an old farmhouse chair, too!
If Sara Richardson is decorating with this old junk, it must be good stuff!

Love this!
(Source unknown.)
Note to self.  Lots of straw bags available at the thrift shop.
Must check out during next outing.

"Bill, I need to make a quick run to.....ah.... Walmart?  I'll be right back."
(The thrift shop is exactly 9 blocks from our house.)

My hats and new straw bag will be added to this coat rack.

So, there you have it.
All for under $20 and I still have change in my pocket!

Pause a moment before you buy to make sure the items
in your cart are not only cheap, but useful, and most of all
make your heart go pitter-pat!

Thanks for visiting and go out and pop some tags today!


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  1. what a fun and informative post, you rally had fun with this, what great scores you made as well!

  2. You win! I wish I lived near your thrift shop. They have great finds and good prices!

  3. Way to go! You found some great things and now I'll be singing that song all day. :)

  4. Love the transferware! Great finds all around. A trip to the thrift sounds like fun!

  5. You did very well, Vickie. Love the chairs.

  6. Wow, what fantastic finds. Can't go wrong with the chairs, and red transferware is a new favorite of mine. I have about four plates, too.

  7. I remember my son showing me that You Tube video last was hysterical! ;0 )

    Great finds here : )

  8. Your finds are FABULOUS!!!! I love them all and got a lot of inspiration from your photos. LOVE your gallery wall above your sofa!
    Mary Alice

  9. I totally would have bought everything you did. Those chairs are adorable, and I've been hunting for some nice straw hats.

  10. Score!!! I always thought this song was about stealing so would change it but thrift store idea is so much better!! Happy day to you!!

  11. Love the chairs...$2.99? Couldn't pass on those! All for under $20. I'm ready to hit the thrift store and thanks for the inspiration pics. I really enjoy your blog:)

  12. You did great!!! I like how you shared your inspiration photos along with your finds and how YOU used them. I love your style, Vicki! And I love Sarah's as well.

    I spy two cute Keebler Lux clocks on your wall.

    Have fun shopping at the well! Never know what you might dip into.

  13. I want the pink trunk, please! Love all your finds. Can believe the bargains.

  14. How fun! Yep, you must go back, because that straw bag and hat collection looks great, especially for summer. (Although yours looks pretty darn cute, just as it is.) It's funny, because I like straw hats and I don't have a "hat head" either. They're definitely form over function, but that's ok. :)
    Great inspiration pics!

  15. I love all your fun finds especially the little chair.

  16. LOVE the little chairs, but, what a great bunch of goodies you found on this trip, vickie!! i can never pass up a straw hat. the plates go perfectly with your style, too! and too bad you didn't find that cute pink trunk!

  17. Charming finds!!! Love the inspiring photos, too!! Great ideas.

  18. When I stop laughing I may be able to comment. Pause...............
    Okay, Vick. You hauled home some great stuff. I can't believe you didn't get a grandpa coat. hahaha
    Your grammy, your aunty, your momma, your mammy...

  19. Think I'll "pop" in to the thrift store and see what I can find. You certainly found some sweet finds!

    xo Danielle

  20. You found some great stuff. Love the straw hats and purses hanging up.


  21. You sure found some great treasures. This post was so much fun and I enjoyed your comparison pics. Makes you wonder who is reading the magazines with all the great "now" looks if all the good stuff is at the thrift stores. Well, it was great for you and you did score!! Love how you added these to you home.

  22. You definitely scored some great items! I adore those chairs. I have a thing for chairs anyway. Those are classic and can be used in some many ways. I can't believe the price! Love everything else you found too. I like how you justified your purchases with the inspiration pics too. No, you have not lost your mind. LOL! I just recently stumbled upon some thrift shops in my area that I plan on checking out some time. I prefer that over garage sales.

  23. Love the old farmhouse chairs!! You found some great finds. I found a new thrift shop today and it was huge, but the bad thing was that it is an hour away from where I live.

  24. OH I LOVE it all...your wonderful finds, the inspiration photos, and how you used them in your home! So pretty, Vickie!

  25. Good finds! This recovering addict has not stepped for into a thrift store or antique store for....months. Can you believe it? Garage sale Fri and Sat!!! :) (And got a few things for you to take to Megs.)

    I like all the straw stuff in the entry way. :)

  26. Great finds and I LOVE the transferware. I would like to start a small collection in our new place. I say small but we all know once you start you can't stop, LOL.


  27. Great finds! Especially those plates. Love those!!

  28. What a great haul, I love everything and the way you've tied them to the inspirational photos.
    You got me thinking about some straw hats and bags I have, but unfortunately my hall is very narrow, just a corridor really.

  29. Strange that the hats were the most expensive things. Those chairs are super. I think you bought the stuff because you love it.

  30. Hi Vickie,
    Love the chairs what a bargain and love the straw hats. Super sweet treasures you found. Gotta love the thrift store.

  31. Oh Mom! I am so excited for the chairs!!! Maybe I can get rid of some of my cheap Target 'display' chairs we've had for way too long! THANK YOU! I love your thrifty ways ;0)

  32. You got some phenomenal buys. I wish our thrift stores were that reasonable. I don't have a favorite. I love all your goodies.

  33. Oh boy do I ever wanna pop some tags! Heading to an estate sale in the morning. Hope I do just that! Can you believe that I am not familiar with that song? Sounds hilarious though. I love everything you brought home! I can not pass up great chairs. That is a fabulous price. They are not that cheap at our thrift. I have a small collection of red transferware. Those have such a unique design, and again the price, fabulous! I love your gallery wall and that was the perfect piece. And the hats are just so Audrey Hepburn. Good for you girl!

  34. Love all the photos and decorating ideas. You scored some wonderful items for decorating. I especially love the farmhouse decorating chairs. Bet your daughter was a happy camper! ;-)


  35. Happy dance time! Vickie, I could hardly tell your photos from the inspiration photos! Your finds fit right in your happy home so well - love the way you mix things up. :)

  36. Love all your great finds! I'll be popping some tags tomorrow. ;-)

  37. Vickie I think you did great! I love all the things you just could not pass up and wow a thrift Shop so close I too have a couple very close... that spells trouble I'm just trying to stay away for a while. Very fun to see the inspiration photos too. Big California Hug, Diane

  38. I can't even begin to tell you how much I ❤️❤️❤️thrift store shopping. So many treasures just waiting to be discovered. Great finds at super great prices. Score for sure!!!


  39. What a great deal. I guess I will have to listen to that song.?. I love the chairs. I have a thing for mismatched chairs and the perfect color already. I love your gallery wall in your living room and you're making a great start on your red transfer ware. one of my favorites. Super job.

  40. Great finds Vickie! I love them all. And I love the way you shared them together with those inspirating images. Your daughters are lucky sharing this love for finding old stuff with you.
    Ah! I've just gone to Youtube to look that video, funny! I didn't know it...

  41. To think how much damage I could do at the thrift store if I stopped at the bar for a few brewskies before I shopped. Who knows what I would buy!!! Glad you're being prudent in your purchases. Love those chairs. And I love the chair painted green in that photo. May have to paint a few black chairs green today!

  42. Helloooo Vicki!! Wow, was your local thrift having a 1950s week? Those chairs would be $10 each at mine, and our Sally Ann doesn't go cheaper than 1.99 on any item (including chipped glasses)!! Pitter patter and cheap!!! Get the spare 'oom ready, I'm coming to visit and go thrifting with you!

  43. Gosh, I don't mean to go on and on, but it's so lovely to have you back!!
    I just moved, so my bed is on the floor right now which is fortunate, because otherwise I would have fallen out of it with delight at the room with the sailboats and the lovely green chandelier!! Wow!! Love your gallery wall, love your entry as always, and so enjoy your vision and posts! Yay!!

  44. Vickie, what a great post. Not only do I love your finds, but love how you wrote the post, moving in and out of inspiration photos and conversation. I'm your latest follower, and don't really know what's taken me so long. I remember when Debra from Common Ground featured your sock monkeys over a year ago, and I pinned those cuties back then. I also have that Sara Richardson room pinned, lol. Love your entryway and, yes, by all means, go run to get those straw bags. (You sound like me, "I'll be right back...")
    Rita C. at Panoply

  45. Vickie I loved this post, and hey, I've got a nice collection of beachy hats too, all ready to hang someday. Your entry looks so warm and welcoming.

  46. I love the way you validate your shopping with glossy magazine shots! I'm going to try this on my husband! Seriously, great stuff at low prices. What's not to love?

  47. Hey, Vickie...this post is wonderful. You're going to be featured this week at Revisionary Life Thrifty Life Thursday Link Party! Thanks for sharing with us.

  48. Ha!! Love that song (now you've got it in my head!) and love this post! You found some great goodies...those chairs are SO cute and a steal! You keep poppin those tags, girlfriend! :)

  49. I think I have one more of those chairs. A quarter if I recall right, or free because no one wanted it. Like you, for that price it had to come home with me, but it's still here.

  50. Haha, you're so funny! I never picture any of us "antique lovers" listening to rap. I like that song too. You got great stuff, I would have snagged those chairs myself!



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