Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Time flies!

It's been 3 months since I last published a blog post, and
who woulda thunk?  The blog world has survived just fine without me.  : )

I took a much needed break for various personal reasons
and to finish up a laundry list of projects around 911.

  When we bought our house back in 2004, I set a goal for myself to have everything completed
 within a decade, and my deadline is just around the corner.  Ten years sounds like an eternity,
but when you factor in putting our girls through college, two weddings, the arrival of 4 grandchildren,
thousands of miles in our car traveling back and forth to visit them,
  and trying to juggle it all while working full-time most of those 10 years.......
well, the time has literally flown by.

Guest bedroom.  Started Feb. 2011.  Finished May 2014.
(I may be listed in the Guinness Book of World Records
 for the slowest room rehab in blog history.)

Sooooo......have I met my goal?
No, and it's entirely possible I never will.
  I was stuck in limbo for years because my master plan was
 to fix all the plaster walls and ceilings in this old house.
Once I let go of that idea, I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Over the past few months, I've painted right over the cracks in the master bedroom above
 (more photos in an upcoming post), so I have only one bedroom left to tackle.
  It's not so daunting now that I've embraced
 the imperfections that are an integral part of this old house.
 Flat finish paint covers a multitude of sins.
It's my new best friend!

 You've seen bits and pieces, but the guest bedroom is finally done.
A six month project that took over 3 years.

Come on in!

My resident carpenter made me a small wood shelf to display my red sewing machine.
The cuckoo clock was a $3 steal from my favorite local antique shop.
Unfortunately, it was a going-out-of-business sale.

I found an old green dress at to "hang out" with the red one.

 I was kind of stumped when it came to dressing the windows.
I tried floor to ceiling curtains, but I didn't like the way they covered the trim detail
 around the windows, not to mention, a guest could get hopelessly tangled in all
that fabric stuffed in the measly few inches between the bed and the wall!

When I came across jumbo red rick rack at Hancock Fabrics last winter,
I bought a few yards and tucked it away for a rainy day.  I cut up a vintage
tablecloth and a few pieces of mismatched fabric and trim and stitched it all together
to make simple valances to cover the roller shades.

  The rick rack grabs your attention so you don't notice
 the vintage food stains on the tablecloth......I hope!

I painted the $1.50 estate sale 1960's wood mushrooms to add a spot
 of quirky landscaping to the dollhouse shelf.

Mini gallery wall featuring Smirky the Bear.

What's that I see reflected in the mirror?

This dollhouse was a $10 fixer shoved in a crate in the basement of St.Paul Antiques.
You know it had to come home with me!
It's painted in my favorite colors (never mind the rust)
 and fits perfectly on top of my old cupboard.

I hope to find an old braided rag rug for the room,
 but other than that, the room is done.  Top to bottom.
 Done.   I love that word!


Lastly, I've come to the conclusion that for me, working 3 or more days a week
 and blogging on a regular basis leaves me very little time to DO the things I love.
Since I'm not retiring in the near future (unless our crew at work wins the lottery),
 I've decided to cut back on computer time at home.
There are just not enough hours in the day to do it all,
 so if I'm gone for weeks or months at a time, I'm not going to sweat it anymore.
 Life is too short!!!

Case in point:
 On Saturday our baby turns 30!!!

Happy Birthday Megan!!!

As always, thanks for stopping by and I hope you do something that makes you happy today!

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  1. I was so excited to see that there was a post by Ranger 911.

    I totally understand about not having the time to blog, read blogs, decorate and WORK.

    Work gets in the way!

    Your guest room looks fantastic.

  2. Vickie - so glad to see you back. Your guest room is darling! Love thr dollhouses and all of the vintage pieces. Great job!


  3. Gosh, that room is worth the time you put into it. You bring in the cutest things, but your rooms always look so balanced and not cluttered. I really admire that skill. The window treatment is so cute and creative, and very considerate to your guests' comfort. :) Definitely magazine worthy!

  4. I agree, don't sweat it, but I was very happy to see Ranger 911 at the top of my blogroll too !
    Your guest room is lovely, so many gorgeous pieces all brought together and displayed really well. I'm sure your guests will be thrilled to sleep in there.
    I really love the window treatment, the pelmet is so adorable and the shutters are perfect.

  5. Blog twice a year if you like, as long as we see you occasionally:) I didn't want to fill up my ENTIRE Pinterest feed with your guest bedroom, but every photo is gorgeous. And I love the Smirky vignette/gallery wall/whatever it's called look. Very cute and very YOU!

  6. Hahaha. I cried. ;) Surprise, surprise. That was such a lovely post. And the room looks so beautiful!

    Does something about Megan's little girl picture remind you of Maggie? Both Jeremy and I thought so! How old is she there?

  7. That room is just adorable. I love the splashes of red, my favorite color. It is so original! Perfect for the grandchildren! Please come back every now and then and show us glimpses of your work and your lovely home.

  8. Hi Vickie! I was so happy to see your post this morning. I love your green bed- I always enjoy your updates to this room. The doors! Gorgeous. I like the giant rick rack. I'm going to remember that trick! LOL
    Happy Birthday to your sweet "baby" girl. We share a birthday. I will not be turning 30.
    Enjoy any free time you can. Hope you get to spend some time on the water this summer.
    xo, T.

  9. You are such a joy and delight to visit, Vickie, even if it is a long time in between!!! Your guest room is absolutely adorable!!! I think if I were a guest, I'd be sneaking in my suitcase one or two or your darling accessories. Love, Love, Love the displays on your cute shelves. And the window treatment couldn't be more perfect. The iron bed is fabulous!!
    Mary Alice

  10. Hi Vickie,
    So happy to see you back and with this great post on your guest room. Blogging can be like a full time job in it's self so great attitude to have blog when you can and make it fun. Love this. Megan is gorgeous Happy Birthday to her. My daughter turned 30 last year and I thought to myself When did this happen LOL! TIme does fly. Enjoyed seeing your post.

  11. Your room makeover is so cute! You've given so much attention to the details in the room and it is so warm and welcoming.
    I know just how you feel about blogging. It is impossible to do all the things you need to do, all the things you love to do, and still work. Sometimes I get frustrated trying to keep up with the bloggers who don't work and make it all look so easy. I am coming to grips with my limitations though and taking breaks from blogging as life dictates.
    So very nice to meet you. Thanks for following ~ following back!

  12. Hi Vickie! I have missed you and your posts. I LOVE your guest room and all the cute things you have displayed in it. The red and green look perfect. The curtains are very cute too. Hope it's not too long until the next post but maybe you'll win the lottery (you never know)- fingers crossed.

    xo Danielle

  13. Hi Vickie, Oh I sure understand what you mean balancing everything and keeping a blog going too. Life is short and there are so many more important things to give our time to. But so happy to visit your latest post. I missed you and your beautiful updates. This room makeover is perfect. Love the valance and that large rickrack is a great find and made the window treatment perfect.
    Looks like you have accomplished a great deal over the years. We've been in our current home 18 years and I now know, I will never really be done. As for blogging, I keep up with as much as I can while working my business and I think it's all we can do.
    Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter. What a great pic of her and her sweet family.

    Thanks for stopping by today. I was so thrilled to see you again.

  14. So nice to see you here, Vickie! You have your priorities right...we're happy to see you whenever you stop by! Your guest room is the most charming room EVER...I LOVE everything about it! Thanks for sharing such a happy place...

  15. Hello Vickie! It was so nice to receive the mail with your new post today!
    Your guest room is really lovely. You always display things in such a creative way. And I agree with Vicki, your rooms never look cluttered. Wonderful dollhouses, wonderful details...
    I understand how difficult it is to keep the blog frequently, I feel the same now.

  16. The room turned out very special. You know they say good things come to those who wait. You are doing what is important and that is what counts right! We all overload ourselves at times and it is good you recognized that and did what you needed to do.

  17. So glad to see you back! I was wondering where you were. Your guest room is fabulous. Love the colors and all the special details. What do you do for work outside the home? Just curious!

  18. Hello Vickie. You know how I love to visit your home!! Your bedroom is so beautiful.. all the crown molding and those gorgeous plantation shutters.. You are so blessed in so many ways. Your bedroom is so lovely bet you never want to come out!

  19. Oh my goodness! I am IN LOVE with this room! Red and green are not my colors at all, but I adore them in here- you have such a knack for putting a room together. I have such a hard time editing, and not cluttering with everything I like, and this room is edited perfectly! I'm pinning it for future inspiration! :)


  20. The bedroom is just adorable

    I love all your treasures you have put in it especially that little little green chest on the shelf and the little dresses hanging below, precious

  21. be.

    about your ADORABLE and SwEeT guest bedroom!
    vicki, your attention to detail, without any clutter, is impeccable. loving the metal
    doll houses and pops of vintage cuteness here and there. it reminds me of mary englebriet
    style, but on a minimal spin.

    happy 30th birthday to your pretty daughter! what a lovely family she has, too.

    i must share the same sentiments about life and time. i keep meaning to post but have been terribly distracted with work and busy with day to day moments that are cherished.

    just know that i think about you and hope all is going great for you and your family.

    happy summer my friend!!!


  22. Wow Vickie you certainly have a busy life and in my mind family overrides everything else in life. That is bottom line that is first. You did such a great job with t he guest room. Very cozy and like the window treatments you chose.


  23. Oh. My. Goodness. Vickie!! This room is A-MAZING!!!! Seriously, I am so in love with your room right now. I'm about to show it to my little girl and see what things she wants to copy for her room. SO SO CUTE!!! Don't worry about being a perfect blogger, by the way. Life is so important! It's just nice to see what you are up to once in awhile. I'll still be here!! ~Angela~

  24. ...sigh...
    This is the cutest room!! Love the color palette...your attention to detail is just wonderful!
    Welcome back!!

  25. It certainly does, Vickie! Your priorities and your guest room are JUST RIGHT. I love your light, airy, cozy room with the vintage greens and reds...and your favorite things. Perfect. Best wishes on everything.

  26. Vickie,,
    your room is wonderful, since our color palette is the same, you know I love it! So enjoy the touches of whimsy you always include in your decorating! It may have taken "a while" but the end results were worth it!! Your daughter and her family are adorable! I totally understand about the blogging, I've slowed way down also. Miss reading you often but look forward to when you do post!

  27. This is one of the most unique and charming bedrooms I've ever seen, Vickie, and I'm so glad you shared it on your blog. What fun it would be to stay in this room. It's the perfect background for your collection of antiques, and congratulations on its beautiful completion. (I know how good that feels!) I personally love blogging so much more now that I'm not driven to post on a schedule, and as you can see from all these lovely comments, we're all happy to have you pop back into your blog whenever it suits you. Enjoy your full life and that gorgeous family of yours.

  28. The room is just perfect! Great job. Our projects tend to take much longer than we anticipate, too, and many of them never quite get finished. "We'll get that last coat of varnish on one of these days . . ."

  29. Oh, I LOVE this room! That cabinet is my favorite!
    Glad to see you back...I totally get how time consuming blogging can be! It's important to DO what you love :)

  30. Oh my gosh, I love, love it! You were missed, but blogging by your own rules is the way it has to be. We will be here waiting for your wonderful posts when you do have time. Happy birthday to your daughter. What a cute family! I love your doll house on top of the cabinet. I have an old one in my bonus room but it sits on the floor. Not nearly as noticeable. I have got to bring the cute thing up. lol! Love the curtain too. It's just perfect, as is the entire room!

  31. A decade no longer seems like that long to me. Part of getting older maybe? I think your spaces are just magical! You have accomplished a lot!

  32. I love EVERY SINGLE THING about this room! :)

  33. 1-so glad to "see" you again!!!!
    2-LOVE the bedroom!!!!
    3-I UNDERSTAND about the blogging thing, haven't wrote a post in forever!!!!
    4-LOVE the bedroom!!!!!!!!!!
    5-OMG, everything in this room is awesome !!!! EVERYTHING !!!!!! LOVE it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. The entire room is gorgeous, but I'm especially in love with the curtains! Pinned 'em, now to make some similar for my dining room! Thanks for sharing, saw your feature at Brenda's Cozy Little House.

  35. Oh my Vickie that room is so pretty! Love every single detail! I totally understand blogging takes up lots and lots of time.I rarely visit other blogs as I once did.I just don't have the time.It is hard juggling family,blogging and projects.And family will always come first.I will be here when you come back to post.Enjoy time with your family and your Grandchildren.The years fly baby is going to be a freshman in high school....where did the years go?

  36. I have missed you! Your home is beautiful, I love the way you use red,

  37. I have missed you but I understand. I hope you will blog when you have the chance and when you have something to show off - like that adorable bedroom! I just adore it. Your doll houses are precious. I am stealing your idea and will use a shelf to display my little tin barn in one of my guest rooms. Your little sewing machine is crazy cute. Love it all. See you when you return.

  38. Vickie, I LOVE the room!!!! Oh all the sweet touches with the toys displayed so beautifully, and the colors are so fresh and perfect! It was so worth the wait, you've nailed it. So glad to see you back.
    Big hugs,

  39. Vickie, the room is perfect! Bright, cheery and super fun with all of your vintage goodies!

  40. Vickie...I love this room, all the touches are so fresh and clean!! Perfectly inviting! I couldn't believe it but I have the same dollhouse that you have on the green cabinet!! The colors are my favorite too and my front door is missing also! I have mine in the dining room on top of a tall pine cabinet. I'll look forward to your posts no matter how few or far between!! Enjoy your baby's birthday this weekend my baby is 29 next week!

  41. Gosh I've missed you like crazy, and I'll miss you more if you are cutting back on blogging, but I totally and completely support everyone doing what makes them happy and content as long as it doesn't hurt others (I, of course, and deeply and profoundly wounded not to have you around so much but I'll struggle to bear up under the agony-sob!-) and you sound so very happy and free feeling, that I can only rejoice for you!!! Best of luck in all your endeavors, and I'll look forward so very much to seeing you when you turn up!!

  42. I'm a new follower. I just love your guest is so pretty and cozy. Love all the vintage touches.

  43. Precious room. I got your message about working getting in the's just too much. I'm starting to think if I'd spend time doing instead of blogging about doing...I'd be way better off. Plus with the new job...I'm just not able to blog as much. So I too am going to try to get some projects done and then just blog when I can. I think your idea of embracing the imperfections is the best one. I so wish I'd thought it through before I tried to remove the paint on my windows which has turned into a big project. I should have just fixed the spots where it was flaking and left the rest alone. Things don't have to be perfect.

  44. Absolutely perfect. When can I come and stay?

  45. First of all....I love everything about this room! Second, I am like you in that I have decided to make LIFE be my priority. I think we "women of a certain age" are all feeling that way right now--Pat from Back Porch and I were talking about that on Thursday.

  46. I've missed you too, but I can totally relate. I have come to realize if there were two more days in a week, I would fill the time and still be right where I am. Kudos to you for finishing up some home projects. You have a beautiful family and I'm sure you want to spend a lot of time with them. Happy birthday to your daughter.

  47. I just took another six month blogging break but I'm back now and enjoying catching up with writing and reading! Your guest room is absolutely wonderful! I love the colors and the decorative items. Some lucky guest will enjoy a night's rest in that room very much.


  48. Have NO REGRETS!! Agreed, Life is too know what works for you! Your bedroom is soooo pretty! I love the colors and especially the old green bed. I also love the old doors and woodwork too! Your home is beautiful and I have enjoyed seeing a part of it (so is your daughter and family!). Of everything in that room....that cow picture caught my eye...want one! Blessings~~~Roxie

  49. So cute! I wish I had those curtains -they are just the cutest ones ever!

  50. Oh Vickie I LOVE this room! The vignettes are just amazing. I looked through the items at an estate sale the other day and the amount and quality of vintage children's toys etc. made me think of you. Made me wish we could go together to the sale.

  51. Ahhh! Everything is just so fantastic! Love it!! xo


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