Sunday, December 19, 2010

Frosted Windowpanes

Ninety year old windows + freezing temps = The perfect recipe for frosted windowpanes.

Also, huuuuuuuge heating bills, but you have to take the good with the bad. :@

Frosted bicycles?  How cute is this storefront display? ( SoHo Gallery on 1st Ave )

Enjoy the beautiful, glittering patterns in the early morn, 'cause once the sun comes up.........


  1. Nice photos Mom! Aaaw...I wish I could've been in the cities this weekend enjoying Girlie time at Galleria! I don't think Finley is quite ready for that hustle and bustle just yet! Maybe summer time though! ;0) ***Stroller will be a bit easier then!

    Can't wait to come home! Only 2 weeks to go! MISS YOU BOTH!

  2. Now with babes in the mix we have to make an extra special effort to get us all together. We missed you too!!!

    My Casio camera is The Little Engine that Could.

  3. Well you guys can do the shoppin this summer, cuz I'll be lounging in the hammock with the P-Baby. ;) All summer....that is my plan at least. hehehehe.....

    Yeah, love the photos, Mum!!! Very pretty!!! Also, very creative window display!

  4. You have to take that babe shopping right away. Never too early for training!


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