Sunday, December 5, 2010

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

This past weekend we traveled to South Dakota for an early Christmas celebration. With Dave's hectic holiday work schedule and a new baby on board, the Zothman family would not be able to make the trip up north for Christmas this year. So, we brought Christmas to them.

In the early morning hours, northern Minnesota was truly a winter wonderland as you can see by the picture I snapped along the way. We were headed right into the path of a winter storm, but luckily only about two hours of the journey were white-knuckled by Bill  ( and Julie and Jeremy who were several hours behind us ). We all arrived safely and hauled our loot to Megan and Dave's house.

On Saturday, the festivities started around noon with the arrival of................

Santa in his magic sleigh.

Where the heck is the chimney?

Somebody let me in!

What? WHO?!

Santa in all his glory.

O.K. Santa, you can hold her if you are VERY careful.

Clearly not impressed this year. Yawn.

Next year I want advanced warning so I will be dressed in my Christmas finery for the photos.

Megan and Dave must have been very good this year. They received the finest gift of all.

Only good little girls and boys get a treat from Santa.

Even Gunner got his wish for a new best friend.    Jeremy.  :@

Since I knew beforehand that dear old Santa would make an appearance, I was well prepared with my list. My wish that we could all be together for Christmas was already answered.

We thought the visit from Santa was the biggest surprise until Julie whispered her little secret in Santa's ear.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Next year we will have TWO grandchildren! Congratulations Julie and Jeremy!

It doesn't really matter where, when, or how we celebrate, as long as we are together in the spirit of Christmas.


  1. Ohhhh! I was seriously crying reading that. ;) I blame pregnancy hormones. I did good this weekend, though! Jeremy thought I was going to be crying when I told everyone. But I held it back. ;)

    Dad, those pictures will forever be around. ;) Have a feeling there are going to more requests for Santa.

  2. i don't even want to know....but this puts a whole new meaning to the song "Santa Baby"....looks like some two pound peanut M&M's are in order to get that nice round belly on old St Nick! Congratulations on baby number two, good thing Santa has two knees.
    merry christmas

  3. Oh Mom!!! What a WONDERFUL post! ;0) What a lovely, All-American family Christmas! I am picturing years to come with little kiddies running around, Santa appearing yearly of course, hopefully no more Sioux Falls X-Mases ... we'd all love to be in your beautifully decorated Hibbing home instead! ;0)

    Julie ... it doesn't take pregnancy horomones..tears from this end too! Maybe it's a baby thing much more sensitive to everything!!!

    Yes...our wishes were answered as together for X-Mas (even if it was early this year)!

    We miss you all so much! January 2 or 3 we'll be in Hibbing to visit. Julie...we will probably swing through the cities on our way I wanna see the BIG MAMA for sure!!! ;0)

    LOVES YOUS GUYS! Hugs and Kisses!

  4. This is such a beautiful and entertaining post!! How wonderful that Santa made an extra special visit early!!;) You have such a beautiful family!!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours,

    PS: You have quite a BIG list there!! LOL


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