Wednesday, December 22, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things.


  1. love the carved santas and all the holiday cheer. and i KNOW my moms going to cry when she listens to the song on this post ;)
    your house looks so warm and cozy!

  2. Thanks! I think your mom should dig out her carving tools again so you can have some of her beautiful Santas in your new house too.
    Goal for next year- get tickets for Trans-Siberian Orchestra.
    We'll miss all of you on Saturday. Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

  3. Ooooh! I LOVE that song. You should hear Jeremy's rendition. ;) I think that was the song when I first felt baby move!

    Good photos, mom! Love the last one of your house! Looks like a post card! And of course love all the santas. :) See you tonight!!!!!

  4. Merry Christmas Eve! We miss you all so much!

    ***I love the little ornaments ... the homemade ones of Julie and me! How beautiful!

    Don't eat too much Sammy's pizza ... I really need some when we come home!

    Loves yous guys!

  5. Those pictures are classics! Merry Christmas Eve!
    xxoo, Mom, Dad, Julie, and Jeremy


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