Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Vintage Baby

What do you buy for the child who is sure to appreciate vintage toys and room decor?

Here are a few things I found for little Finley's first Christmas.

She will probably never play with an old "record player", but the graphics on this 45 are so adorable. And there is that organ grinder monkey on the bottom.  :@

A little black Scottie dog to display in her room. He was missing his eyes and nose, so I gave him some button eyes and embroidered a new nose and mouth. And stitched up the holes where the sawdust stuffing was coming out. Ruff, ruff.

Since Megan and Dave both work in "retail" I thought it only fitting that Finley should have her very own cash register.

And, Megan, I know she is going to LOVE her rabbit fur muff with the doll face. She will probably want to bring it everywhere she goes. Kind of like your J.W. dotted Swiss skirt you wore over your regular clothes. Some battles were just not worth fighting.


  1. Hahaha. Seriously. I wanna carry that muff with me everywhere. It looks comforting.

  2. Every time Dennis hears music coming from my laptop he knows I'm on your post. HaHa! Love the muff! ( the one in your post, goofy) What I'd like to know is, when's your grand opening? What? You didn't tell Bill yet? Don't worry Bill, there's still the basement...

  3. Julie, I'll be on the lookout for a similar muff for you.
    And Mrs. Griffin, I am a little slow in the morning, but I did catch the humor about 10 minutes after reading it.
    I really had to write this post to fit in one of my favorite tunes. I used to run to turn up the volume when the girls were little. Hehehe.

  4. of these days...a post of Finley's room! ;0)


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