Friday, February 11, 2011

Ode to Baba

Today is our Baba's birthday. She is gone, but certainly not forgotten. I can see many of her traits, good and bad, passed down through the generations.

Grandma Mary ( Baba), Grandpa Louie, Mom, and Uncle Richard.

Julie has inherited her trend setting fashion sense. Baba loved her cut-off sweat pants, a look carried on by Julie with her 3/4 length yoga pants and no socks, even in winter!

Megan, from her wee toddler years, like Baba, had to have the last word, regardless of the punishment awaiting her.

Ashley has her tell-it-like-it-is politically incorrect ( but humorous ) attitude, apparent in her blog posts.

Nick gets his wheeling and dealing business savvy from Baba. She was quite the entrepreneur with her perpetual rummage sales. Baba, her sister Eva, and friend Georgette were the original pickers. They would scope out abandoned houses for treasures left behind. So, you see, my junking is a genetic trait.

My mother and sister have her cooking and hostess traits. Guests could drop by unannounced and Baba, ever the gracious host, would prepare a meal with whatever she had on hand. Never "fancy", just good home cookin' in her cozy little house. Her breakfast of scrambled eggs done up just right in her cast iron skillet, toast made from round white Hollywood Bread, and hot chocolate was a favorite of mine and my sister after a sleepover in the "cabin".

Grandpa Louie in front of the guest cabin in their yard.

This is a rare posed photo. You couldn't get near Baba with a !@#*! camera.

If you happened to be at her house on a Saturday night at 6:00 , you would sit in her "front porch" and watch The Lawrence Welk Show on her little black and white TV. If you have your speakers on, you are listening to the opening song from his show. Oh, how she loved Myron Floren playing his accordion, while a-Sissy-and-a-Bobby danced across the stage!

Baba was a huge presence in our lives, and I only hope our own grandchildren grow up with the same sense of family. So, to celebrate this day, let's all stop by the nearest DQ and have an extra large vanilla soft-serve cone in her memory.

Happy Birthday Baba!


  1. Oh great. ;) Now I have a red nose from blowing it every minute AND red eyes from crying. Nice post. Love you, Baba!

  2. oh baba!
    i cant believe that posed picture!! now we need to make sure we get one of grammie :]
    Happy birthday baba!

  3. Wow! Does Gramma look like me when I was younger in that first photo or what?! Wow. I had to look twice. ;)

  4. Funny...I thought of Baba today too! What would she be saying about these young (peesdas )mothers and mothers to be-LoL! I can't believe that she sat for a posed picture either. You forget, she also passed on ADD. Love you Baba, you were one of a kind!

  5. I think that picture was for her passport. And Julie, that picture of Grammy does look like you!

  6. Yes that was a passport picture when she went to Europe to visit her half brother & family. Don't you like my outfit. Blog brought back alot of memmories. Yes she was one of a kind. Good job Vic!

  7. I am just reading this post now...a little behind! Oh memories! I can remember the good ol' days of summer spent with Baba, Grammy and Julie running through the garden or rummaging through the garage for treasures.

    I can smell it now! Love you Baba!!! ;0)

  8. Can you imagine how many treasures passed through that garage!!!!

  9. How did I miss this link yesterday? Wonderful post Vickie; love the traits passed down and the photos. I think Mack & Finley should be calling you Baba Vickie. :)


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