Saturday, February 5, 2011

You say tomato....

You say Beanie Baby, I say baby beanie. What do I do when I have three unfinished home reno projects waiting for my attention? I knit baby hats, of course!

You have to love this tomato hat! It is knit with a soft 25% wool / 75% acrylic blend yarn and it only takes a few hours to whip one up. Just change out the red colored yarn and you can create an eggplant, rosebud, raspberry, cotton boll.......the possibilities are endless!

So, being OCD and all, I had to create a few more of these little gems. I thought a watermelon hat knit from 100% cotton yarn would make a breathable hat for the summer months. I jumped right in, as I always do, without figuring out that gauge thingy and ended up with this....

Pretty cute, eh? Since I didn't have a baby on hand to try it out for size, I coaxed my ever-present hat model to try it on AND IT FIT!!  Oh, noooo.

Obviously I need to work on sizing this pattern to fit a baby. On the bright side, it wasn't a complete waste of time. Surely Uncle Dennis can wear it to one of his neighborhood Bar Mitzvahs this summer. Just look how it enhances this model's manly features. :@

If you love Gnomes as I do, this next hat will be right up your alley. It is knit with a super-soft organic cotton textured yarn that camouflages my slightly uneven knitting tension. We'll try it on a little Gnome next weekend.

Speaking of Gnomes, look at the cute children's dishware I purchased at Joann Fabrics. The sets even came with matching placemats and I do love colorful placemats to complete a table setting!

For future grandbaby with tomato growing mama.

For the little Sioux Falls farm girl.

Let's see, I'm thinking maybe a little cream colored textured hat with pink accented lamb's ears for Easter. Since I don't look good in hats, I better take the time to figure out the gauge.


  1. Ooooh! Cute hats, mom! Wow. You can do it all! It took Jeremy and I about 2 hours, and a trip to Ace To hang one shelf today.

    Really like the place setting, too! :) Cute.

  2. can i put in my requests?!
    ok, good :)
    -a raspberry
    -a red gnome hat

    i'll let my dad know hes got a nice little yamaka comin' his way!

  3. OHMYGOSH MOM! Finley is so lucky to have such a talented Gwamma...Lord knows she'll never see her own mother knitting!

    Yes...we will have our requests in as well! Baby Finley would love to be a hat model this coming weekend...we all know how she loves her hats!

    Love the place settings...just mid-May Finley will be eating baby mid-March, rice cereal! ;0) WOW.

  4. I'll start taking requests as soon as I try them on Finley. It's hard to guess on the size, and I haven't come across a baby mannequin head in my antiquing jaunts. ( but I'll be looking now :@ )

  5. Darling hats Vickie! You sure are making me look like a lazy slug-quit all this "crafting". Wish I could wear hats, unfortunately Bill looks better in one than I do...

  6. Balance, it's all about balancing your time.

    No cooking= Lots of time for crafting.

  7. Found it! Yes, it is stunning on him. I have to admit, the previous post pics with your younger models really caught my eye. Adorable. Now as for Bill, I guess it's not true what they say about there being an age when the agency quits calling. :)


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