Sunday, February 27, 2011

Signs, signs, everywhere are signs.

A rusty old sign at a flea market is sure to speed up my heart rate.  I consider this my cardio workout routine.  Who needs to exercise!  Below are a few of the signs I've collected over the years.

Grand Rapids flea market find, under $20!

Displayed in our man cave. It actually points in the direction of Bill's golf course.

This sits on a shelf, but could be illuminated and hung above a doorway.

Umm, still in the garage awaiting a purpose in life.

Not old, but repurposed.

Next, are a few of the signs that I've painted for myself and as gifts for others.  Except for the "Lake of the Woods" sign ( my very own design for the Z family's favorite getaway vacation spot ) , I've gotten most of my inspiration from images I've borrowed from magazines and the internet.

A little "art" in our kitchen.

This hangs all year 'round in the basement.  Does it divert your attention from the ceiling?

The "Price is Right" models show off their original art.

A Christmas present for Jeremy's Man cave.

AND, the one that got away.....sigh.  I don't have a picture, but imagine a 3x3 cream colored metal sign with black writing and just a teensy bit 'o rust that said "Jean's Beauty Shop".  It was marked $38 and sat for months in a shop downtown.  When I finally decided I just HAD to have it, it was gone. Lesson learned.

And who could forget this lovely I spotted near our old neighborhood?  I plan to make some limited edition prints as gifts for loved ones.

There has been a trend in typography art in recent years that is showing up everywhere.  From antiques to contemporary art, it is all the rage.  Megan had such a piece on her baby wish list, and I finally tackled the project.  I was really hating the way it looked during the entire 3 hours it took to paint, but once I added the slightly weathered frame, I actually liked the transformation.  Here it is.....

Actually, I was looking for something new/old to place on this shelf.  Megan, are you SURE you want it?
Next up, an idea for the P baby's room, but I have to check it out with the P mama first.  :@


  1. CUTE! You forgot to post the link, showing how much that sign is! Very cute.,788.html

    Did you say you HAVE an idea? If not, there is always the good idea you had with the flash cards.....hmmmmm. Or we can do that. :)

  2. I LOVE IT!!! Seriously..perfecta mundo!

    Maybe it'll actually get hung somewhere...not just lean against a wall in Finley's room!

    You are so talented!


  3. I looked everywhere for the paintbrush I bought when you were up. I finally found it on the dining room floor after I finished painting the sign.
    Really, when was the last time I swiffered and vacuumed? Maybe I'm not OCD about cleaning anymore.
    And, Jules, I guess you have to be the one who comes up with these ideas to charge the big bucks.


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