Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wreath Patrol

I used to jokingly say that I should start a wreath patrol for the removal of Christmas wreaths still hanging long after their shelf life. My family knows I cringe when I see brown decaying wreaths decorating a house! Also, those hid-e-ous pumpkin leaf bags!  Who in the world thought garbage bags would look festive decorating a front lawn?  Ewwww, but that is a blog post for another time.

Having said that, guess what greets me every day at my back door?

I KNOW!!!!  Shame on me!  Here it is, February 24, and I still have this poor-excuse-for-a-wreath as a howdy-do!  Along with the skates, sled, and skis...oh,my!  And I'm not even letting you see the "greens"  in our window boxes!

This past week we have had severe winds blowing in from Sioux Falls, SD or some godforsaken place, and if you have any birch trees on your property, you know what's left in its wake.  An abundance of dead branches littering the yard.

Now, I know my good friend Martha would do something creative with those lovely branches, so I sent my hunter and gatherer out into the cold to collect a few that weren't broken, dug out my floral wire, and went to work.

OK, maybe not up to Martha's standards, but better than a freeze dried Christmas wreath!  So, you've all been warned.  Ranger 911 may be patrolling YOUR neighborhood next!


  1. Hahaha. You are SO creative, Mum!

  2. Funny! I had our X-Mas socks up until that worse? Ooops!

  3. Another couple of windy days, and you'll each have a wreath. :@
    Crhistmas socks... much worse!

    Megan, maybe you could do a poopie patrol post. And I'm talking dog doodoo.


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