Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Honky Tonka Woman

Look what I found!  As y'all know, I cannot resist the charm of an old toy truck.  How cute would this well-worn red truck look propped on a shelf in a little boy's room holding baby lotion, Q-tips and cotton balls, or crayons, or wood alphabet blocks?  Or in a little girl's room with her stuffed animals and dollies riding in the back?

I found this newest treasure just the other day at a local antique shop.  When I set it on the counter to pay for it, I noticed the original logo still adhered to the side.

Hmmm, Mound, MN.  Isn't that where Nick and Laura live near Lake Minnetonka?  Then I made the connection.  Lake Minnetonka......Tonka Trucks.  Could it be?

When I got home, I had my research assistant Google "Tonka Trucks" while I prepared another gourmet dinner.  Sure enough, Mound Metalcraft was started in Mound in 1946, and in 1955, under new ownership, changed its name to Tonka Toys, Inc.  They created the above logo with the Dakota-Sioux word "tonka" ( which means big or great ) and the waves underneath representing Lake Minnetonka.  Wow!  I own a gen-u-ine 1955 Tonka truck manufactured right here in good ol' Minnesota!

Out of curiosity, I checked Ebay to see if I could find the value of my newest toy.  In pristine condition it is worth $80-100.  Since mine is chipped and slightly rusty and missing a few parts ( steering wheel, hub caps, seat, headlights, and tailgate ) it is worth approximately what I paid for it.  Almost nothing.   :@

Until I decide who the lucky recipient of this charmer will be, I'll put it to good use around the house.

Bill, will you please pass the salt?

Vroommmmmm, vroommmmmm.

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  1. Hahaha! Cute lil truck! I didn't expect an educational post this morning, Mom. Always learning something! Keep entertaining us! :)

  2. auntie vickie, i think a more appropriate song should have been "honky tonk ba donka donk" by Trace Adkins ;)

  3. You know what I would do with that truck don't you? (ha ha)

  4. Yup, and you-know-who would get rid of the rust and paint it.

  5. Cute, cute tonka truck idea for the I've got to find one for my cabin...thanks for the adorable!
    Mel's Designs from the Cabin


  6. What a fun little find! My Great Grandma used to have a whole bunch of little trucks like that, so fun playing with them when I was little.

  7. What a great find! And I like how you are using in now...what a fun way to add a little funky-ness to the everyday!


  8. How cute! You don't need to pass the salt--just roll it! :)


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