Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Freeze Frame

The time has come for me to do some serious camera shopping.  I have been looking at new cameras for quite some time, but they all look so high tech!  My point and shoot is great for inanimate objects, but terrible for indoor people shots.

We visited Finley ( oh, and the rest of her family )  last weekend, and I just wanted to get one clear picture of her sweet smiling face. 

Even she is praying this shot turns out so she can quit modeling.

I've learned that capturing an active baby's smile with my point and shoot is just about impossible.  Here are a few more of the images from our rather unsuccessful photo shoot.

Most of these images are slightly blurry when viewed in full size.

Even Gunner refused to cooperate.

Time to check out my favorite blogs for camera tips.  Any suggestions as to which SLR camera you think I would be able to figure out on my own will be much appreciated.


  1. Creative music! (I actually am not muted right now)! ;0) Finley misses you already...but LOVES the blog post. Makes her feel like dancin'!

    If I can figure out the camera I could you! You do more with yours right now than I do with mine....seriously! Plus you'd have Julie for any questions! ;0)

    ***Gunner is happy to see he made the post as well. As for me and Dave...well...I guess we're not worth a blog post anymore, huh? Hehe! ;0)

  2. Honestly, I don't use ANY of the extras on my camera. I just use it as a point and shoot. I think it was well worth the money. Leah, I'm sure you'd agree! (Craig, Mr. Photographer, recommended the Canon Rebel.) :) And Leah has it now as well.

  3. I agree! The only camers to get. You just throw it on the P setting and away you go :)


  4. I guess 3 favorable testimonials is good enough for me. Now I just have to find the best deal.

    Thanks girls.


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