Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh, Sweet Pea

Ever since Julie started referring to their unborn child as the "P baby", I've had a song playing over and over in my head.  This song was the jumping off point for the art I created for the P nursery.

I copied borrowed the idea from the print below which retails for $289.95.

These pieces are rather charming in their rustic simplicity, but the prices are ( in my humble opinion ) ridiculous!  I made mine from a leftover piece of plywood and framed it with wood scraps from a broken garden trellis.  Beware, Julie and Jeremy, I'm still removing splinters from my hands!

I, of course, had to add the song "Sweet Pea" to my Playlist to accompany this post.  
 ( turn your speakers on to sing along )   I was merrily singing along and .........WHOA!  Stop the press!!!  If I were a contestant on the game show Don't Forget the Lyrics, I would sadly be on the bus home right now.

Oh Sweet Pea come on and dance with me
Come on, come on, come on and dance with me
Oh, Sweet Pea won't you be my girl
Won't you, won't you, won't you be my girl

Oops, I did it again!  It's the XOXO vs. XXOO fiasco all over again!  In my defense, I was only 5 years old when the song was a hit and have been singing the wrong words ever since.  So, P family, that is the folklore behind your new object d' art.

The delicate and fragrant flower of the sweet pea vine.

Artist rendering of a baby sweet pea.

Popeye, Olive Oyl and Sweet Pea.

This year's Halloween attire perhaps?
(Photo from the Patriotic Peacock blog.)

This is just.........wrong.

Don't worry, be ha-PEA .


  1. Oohhh!!!!! I cried reading that. Not QUITE sure why I'd cry...oh yeah, cuz I get teary eyed about something everyday now...Bethanny syndrome. ;)

    I LOVE IT! SOOOOO cute. Can't wait to get both signs hung up on Saturday! THANK YOU, MOM! I love having homemade things in the baby room. :) Yay! See you in a couple days!

  2. And seriously! What a great Halloween idea! :)

  3. Too funny! When Dave and I went to a Halloween party just this past halloween...there was a couple dressed as that ... but Olive Oyl was pregnant! (I think she just had her real baby a couple weeks ago!). Hehe!

    Can't wait you see you guys!

  4. FINALLY!!! A song stuck in my head that I actually LOVE!

    Won't cha won't cha won't cha be my giiiirrrlllll..... I went to a dance just the ooootherrr night......


  5. Love your sign. If you ever do a tutorial on making the frames, I'm in!


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