Monday, March 14, 2011

Lab Rat?

After yesterday's post, I felt I may have discouraged a few DIYers from tackling new projects.  Not to worry, there are plenty of home repairs that can be completed in just a few minutes with a little ingenuity.

For instance, a previous owner left this rather unsightly hole in our master bedroom baseboard molding. ( It probably had TV cables or computer lines running through it at one time.)  I strategically placed an antique chair in front of it, but it was still visible.  Darn!  Then, during a shopping excursion through the IKEA Super Maze, I found the perfect fix in the children's department of all places!

Medium white rat.

Hello.......anybody in there?

Very professional looking repair.

How easy was that!!!


  1. HAHAHAHA. ;) That is hilarious. Hmmmm. ;) Do we have any holes that need filling?! Yes! Where our curtains used to be in the living room. Perfect! And I think Jeremy already picked us up the rat at Ikea! ;)

    Silly, silly. ;)

  2. I knew you girls would appreciate the rat "plug-in".

  3. Ha! I can already see Finley crawling around someday poking around at the little mouse at Gwamma's house! ;0)

    **Really good photos too Mom!

  4. After how many years, I accidentally found the macro setting on my camera!

  5. OMG...that is TOOOO funny! I actually have had rats as pets before and really miss them. They are quite fun. This is an adorable idea.


  6. Oh my gosh, laughing out loud trying not to wake the sleeping house. Love it! PS Remy says hello and wonders if she's busy Saturday night. :)


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