Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ghosts in the Attic

Phase 3.  Insulating the attic.

I have to admit, until now, I haven't done much more than poke my nose into our attic space.  Since we need to do some insulating, I figured we better get the lay of the land.  We have a full size attic, complete with pull-down stairs.  Well, half a set, as the lower stairs are missing.  Perhaps another shotgun mishap?

No, I will not be refinishing these stairs.

I wasn't too anxious to climb up to that dark, dirty space, so Bill went up first and spotted an old handmade wood bench. What?!  I practically pushed him off the stairs in my rush to see it!

At first glance, I was a little disappointed...... until I received my new Restoration Hardware catalog in the mail.  Have you seen it?  I'm sure this bench would be listed as an industrial coffee table and sold for some astronomical price.  I think a little spit and polish and it could be my very first Craig's List sale.   :@

Next we spied a galvanized pail sitting in the middle of the floor.  Never a good sign.  At the moment, there is no water in it and we can't see any water spots on the roof boards above it, so we have to assume it was placed there for another purpose.  Hmmm......

Do you remember this scene?

Sorry, my imagination has a tendency to run wild in dark, creepy places.

At some point in time, that weird styrofoam insulation was dumped on the floor, covering the vents and wiring, so who knows what we'll unearth when we clear the vent area.  We did spot some knob and tube wiring, so we'll have to address that issue as well.  Once again, The Domino Effect!

Now I'm all for recycling, but plastic Easter grass as added insulation?  Do you suppose it actually has an "R value" rating.  I think not.

Before living in this house, I did not believe in ghosts and spirits and such nonsense, but several people ( myself included ) have heard a radio in the basement.....only there is nobody down there and no TV on or radio playing.  As I was scrolling through these photos on our computer, I finally found the proof I've been searching for.  A semi-transparent eyeball spirit!!!

Pictures don't lie.


  1. Is that actually on the wall or is it just in the picture?

    Jeremy said that spirts travel in little energy balls like that.....So you could be onto something! (Sorry, he watches Ghost Hunters, and thinks our house is haunted, too.)

  2. It's there all right, watching our every move. I think it's the first Mrs. Wilkerson. Her daughter-in-law said she didn't want the house changed EVER!

  3. i think my favorite part is the easter grass. makes you wonder what was happening when someone thought that was a good idea? ;)

  4. AHHHhhhhh! Scary!!!!

  5. First off, where do you find your music!?! ;0)

    Uuummmmm...Craigs List item...don't forget, you have daughters!!! hehe.

    Weird, we might get a hotel next time we're visiting - j/k!

    I thought you guys could tackle the attic to be a play area for all the grand babies!!!

  6. Maybe the banging of pipes isn't the steam heat after all!!! Good, one less thing to repair. It's just the original Wilkersons having a little fun with us. :@

  7. I'm with Jeremy on this one... orbs can be ghost energy. Mrs. W was up in the attic wondering what the heck you could possibly change up there. Hope she makes you some chicken soup today. :)


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