Monday, July 18, 2011

Air Conditioned City

What do we Rangers do when we can't take the heat?  We hop in our cars and head to Duluth, the air-conditioned city on Lake Superior.

That's just what we did today.

But, SOMEBODY in Duluth forgot to turn on their air conditioners!  It was almost as hot in Duluth as it was at home.  Luckily the restaurants, antique shops and malls are cool.

After stopping at a few shops, we headed to Canal Park where there was a light breeze coming off the water. 

Aerial lift bridge being raised to let "pirate ships" through.

It was so relaxing just watching the ships. 

BAM!!!   What the heck was that?!

They were firing canons  from the pirate ships!

The noise didn't seem to bother them.  More food dropped on the ground, I suppose.

Vintage sign inspiration.

 Pretty as a postcard.


  1. Oh how lovely the cool breeze sounds! Pirates AND Dolphins in Lake Superior??? whoa!

  2. Haha! Julie REALLY would have been confused if she witnessed that as a child!

  3. I cannot believe how well you captured that cannon fire in the one picture. I could almost hear it myself!!! What a lovely place. Thos sailboats are amazing.

  4. Is that the new camera, Mom!? Why would I have been confused? ;) Am I missing an inside joke?

  5. Ah, you were looking for dolphins in LAKE SUPERIOR when you were a child. All you needed to see was pirate ships!

    And, shame on me, haven't touched the new camera yet. I almost bought the Canon Rebol for Dummies yesterday, but after skimming through it, I was more confused than ever.

    I've got it ready to go. Maybe some pics on my neighborhood stroll today.

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