Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vintage Threads

I was sitting in my car on my way home from work, waiting for the traffic light to turn green when I decided to take a quick detour to the nearby antique shop before it closed for the night.

I had a few small items in my hands when the lights went out.  "Aren't you open 'till 6:00?", I asked.  "Oh, sorry, I didn't know anybody was still in here!  Go ahead, you have a few minutes to shop before we lock up."  I knew she was in a hurry to get home, too, so I pulled out my wallet to pay for my things when I spotted one last item from the corner of my eye. 

I HATE making quick decisions!!  That's why I don't attend auctions.  No time to ponder what I could do with the junk.

The first few items were a no brainer.  A new summer wardrobe for a mere $5.00!!!!   I will be so fashionable in my vintage threads!

Fun and festive "country girl" look.

Simple cotton house dress for those hot summer days.

Casual chambray jumper and a retro looking handbag to match.

Obviously, these are vintage doll clothes, and I think you know where I'm headed with this. The red and yellow duds are the perfect sock monkey attire for Finley's new room in the country.  If you look closely, you can see a little farm scene on the yellow top!  I'll need to design a pink blouse to go under the chambray jumper to garb a monkey for a pink lovin' friend. 

Now, for the piece de resistance...................

This is what I spotted on my way out!


Quick, get me a nitro!   The price was marked "firm", so I knew there wasn't any haggling to be done.  Should I, or shouldn't I, that is the question.  I have 30 seconds to decide..........  ohhhhh, "I'll take it!"

I knew that I was unlikely to come across a vintage quilt in this color again, so really, there wasn't any decision to be made.  It will be the perfect jumping off point for the bedroom we are working planning to finish before Christmas.

This polka dot tin will be a colorful accessory to place atop the vanity that also needs to be finished!


  1. I can 'hear' the excitement in your voice!! SO happy for you. The quilt looks like it is in great condition. What a find. See..... sometimes it is a blessing when the traffic light catches you!;)

  2. I am SO JEALOUS!!! All I want is an old quilt like that ... seriously ... or the one in your bedroom!!! Gosh darn - you are a lucky lady!

    Ooooh, as for the 'country monkey' - I decided not to show Finley yet and ruin the surprise! Does she come with a 'countrified' name, too?

  3. Maisy, I think. But Finley may have her own ideas ( ie; oofie ).

  4. Oh my my.... this quilt is AMAZING!! You are one lucky shopper. Love the wee outfits too and the polka dot tin is the cutest. The quilt is perfect for studying those amazing vintage fabrics. I'd be awake all night looking at them! :)


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