Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Music in the Air

On Sunday night we attended an outdoor concert at the new amphitheater on the grounds of Mystic Lake Casino.  Bill surprised me with Jason Mraz tickets for my birthday, so we spent the weekend antiquing and bumming around the Twin Cities.  The concert was to be held rain or shine, so I was happy Mother Nature cooperated. 

Still using my old camera as you can see.

The concert was two plus hours of entertainment ending with 8,000 fans singing "I'm Yours" along with the band.  Two of my favorite tunes were songs that he wrote for his "Grandad" and mother.  Well.... next to " I'm Yours", of course.  Could there be a better feel good song?

We also spent a few hours at a BBQ held by my sister and brother-in-law ( The food was excellent Dennis!).  Our new grandbaby, Mack, was there also, so I snapped a picture or two.  As I was sorting through my pictures, I noticed a similarity.  Let's see if you can spot it.

Five weeks old and already a performer!  All he needs is a mic and a baby fedora. 
Oh, and maybe some hair.


  1. What a great birthday gift! Your grandson is just adorable and the picture, perfectly amazing. Great post!

  2. Hahaha. ;) That is hilarious, Mom! I gotta send that to Jeremy!

  3. A singer already ... oh, takes after his Mama ... eerrrrr??? ;0)


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