Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sunny Suzy

I've been on the lookout for a toy iron to go with the pint size ironing board that's been collecting dust in our basement for decades.  I finally found this adorable red model on our recent trip to Minneapolis.

Sunny Suzy toy iron.

As you can see, it's even got an electric cord and plug.  It's supposed to actually heat up, but I have a well founded phobia of plugging in junk with old wiring.  So, I'll just holler down the laundry chute instead.  "Bill, could you please plug in that little red iron next to my sewing machine?"     :@

Note:  I will use this as an educational tool for our grandchildren.  The lesson is that one irons clothing to remove wrinkles.  A clothes dryer is for drying clothes.

A flash card for Finley's new room in Green Acres.

Since it was my birthday weekend (belated) I treated myself to a few more presents.

This pair of old sconces will be used as bedside lighting in the guest bedroom we are currently renovating not making any progress whatsoever.  It is summer after all!  The sconces need to be rewired with cords so they can safely be plugged into a wall outlet.  The cords will be hidden inside cord conduit that is painted the wall color and mounted behind the headboard.

Pretty details, but I may end up painting them to tone down the color a bit.

I also picked up this mirror to be hung above the bed in one of the spare bedrooms.   It's quite long and heavy which is why I placed it on the floor to snap the photo.  

I love the colors and details, but it does have some damage on the bottom part of the frame.  I'll probably patch the damaged areas with Plaster of Paris and paint the repaired area with a mixture of paints to blend it with the original finishOR this might just be my first Annie Sloan Chalk Paint project!


  1. Cool mirror!

    Oh, and I no longer do the dryer trick! ;) I do iron everyday now.

  2. Home ownership finally did the trick for you. Maybe there's hope for Megan after all.

  3. Cute treasures ~ love your little red iron! Thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday! :)


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