Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Christmas in July

Winter imagery to cool you off.

Today we will be enjoying record breaking temperatures AND humidity levels all over the state of Minnesota.  We were out early this morning mowing, clipping, sweeping, etc. before the midday sun hits the yard.  I'm thinking I'd like to be lying in that snow making snow angels right about now.  Whew!

Now that I've got you thinking cool thoughts, let's talk Christmas.  I happen to know a few super-organized people that shop for Christmas presents throughout the year.  Not only do they save money by finding items on sale, they don't have to partake in the shopping frenzy that occurs between Black Friday and Christmas.

Believe it or not I am one of those people.  Honest, I AM!!  I find small ( usually vintage ) items throughout the year that I think the girls ( and sometimes their hubbies )  would like.  This is where my strategy falls apart.  The problem is that I can't wait until Christmas to give the junk treasures to them!  That being said, here are a few things I found for the new grandbabies.  Sorry girls, ( I hear Jeremy and Dave breathing a sigh of relief that they don't have to lug any junk to their new houses) but it is so much more FUN shopping for vintage baby stuff!

For Finley:

Green letter "F".  Somebody sponge painted it, but the overall color is perfect for her room.

I've seen her eyeing up my play telephone.  Now she has her very own in classic red. 

A-DOR-ABLE sawdust stuffed chenille and red polka dot mutt to add to her collection!

For Mack:

First, let me tell you, this is uncharted territory for me. Having two girls and one grandaughter, I've only ever bought girly stuff.  So here goes...........

LOVE this set of wood alphabet blocks in the original 1970's cloth bag!

I'm sure Julie will have fun creating silly word displays with the blocks.

Here it is Jeremy, his very first...


This next item may be questionable, but I think it is gender neutral.

1950's crescent moon display shelf.

Put all these things together and what do you get?

A very masculine display.

Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus will be making a delivery very soon.  Ho! Ho! Ho!


  1. Finley says "Is Santa coming again?" hehe No - she doesn't want to see him all sweaty! She can wait until December!

    How cute is all that stuff?!? Seriously - you have the eye to find all the goodies! I especially like the doggie...I'm sure Finley can't wait to sink her teeth into it...eerrrr.

    Thanks Mr. + Mrs. Clause!

  2. Oohhhh! So cute!!!!! Funny...Look at the blocks...My old initials are in one of the photos.

    I just showed Mack, and he is super excited to play with the truck.

    Mama is super excited for the Moon thingy!!! CUTE!

    I still have to "boy-ify" his room. :)


  3. what a cool moon display!

  4. I want to come to Christmas at your house! Such thoughtful and fun vintage gifts!

  5. Hey Vic, Jeremy Here. I gotta say, I Love the Tonka Truck buy, i think i saw one of the "American Pickers" buy this same truck for $25, and sell it for like $150.

    Dont worry, i will use all the profits for Tonka Trucks for Mack :)

    And the Moon Sign...... P-Mack, i think you just created his first nickname....Actually second... I call him Mackwell. Muck Love! Mack thanks you!

  6. My husband and I celebrated Christmas in July, too! Love the refreshing chill yours put on our 100+ degree days. And I love your green letter F.


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